Precious moments

July 30, 2010
By anna-lynne1291 DIAMOND, Dracut, Massachusetts
anna-lynne1291 DIAMOND, Dracut, Massachusetts
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SEVAS TRA (Art Saves)

The barren, grassy plains passed by us with the stale smell of ocean fish. Another summer without him here. Another vacation without him to make it exciting and keep a genuine smile on my face. Jake was my best friend and had been there with me through everything since kindergarten, when we had met on the swings. Now everything was different because he wasn't here and he never would be again. The birds didn't sing as harmoniously, the clouds didn't let the sun shine and I've forgotten what it feels like to be complete.1

"Mel, are you getting out of the car anytime today?" My mother asked me with a strong but sad look on her face. She knew what was on my mind, and her attempt at appearing happy was worthless because I knew she couldn't stand to see me in pain. I felt bad making her feel like this but I still missed him and even driving across the U.S. on holiday wasn't gonna cheer me up. 2

"Yeah Mom, I'll get out in a minute."3

My sister Sara and her were already almost to the edge of the water, but I needed a few minutes to collect myself. Just sitting here, me and my thoughts and Jack in spirit. 4

Jake and I used to come to this beach every summer about a week after school ended. We stayed in his family's summer cottage and created precious memories. Those memories are what haunt me right this second because this is the first time I am here without Jack, and everything inside me feels numb. Tracing a frosted heart with my fingertip along the window's condensation and watching the last few drops drip down the window pane, I close my eyes and imagine him sitting right next to me. The two of us just continuing a tradition of friendship and precious memories.

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