August 1, 2010
By Anonymous

“We're like a puzzle,” I look him straight in the eye “a puzzle that is missing one of its pieces. It won't work.” I look down. I don't want to see his reaction.

“What if the piece is under the couch?” he sounds hopeful.

“It not. Its not anywhere. Its gone.” I whisper. “Forever.”

I look up now. I can't be a coward. His eyes are like a dark cloud; they intrigue you, but nothing good can ever come from them. I learned that.

He puts his hands on my shoulders, his lips come crashing down on mine. They are chapped and cold. This isn't how I wanted our last kiss to be. I don't kiss him back. He keeps pushing down on my lips, hoping that this will make me forget everything.

I push him away. “No.” is all I can seem to mutter out.

People start to stare at us as they pass by. I don't know why I decided to do this now, in the middle of the school day. People are wondering, wondering what I've told him, because his look is so distant. They must think I'm pregnant. But I know that is an impossibility.

“What did you say?” he sounds sincere for the first time.

I start to shake. “I said no.”

“Why did you say no?” he is beginning to become angry at me. He must know.

“Because I can't take it anymore. I know.” I'm starting to yell, and more people start to watch the two of us.

“What do you know?” He squeezing my shoulders. He is mad.

I start to whisper again, “Everything.”

He squeezes harder. And harder. “What do you mean EVERYTHING?” He is screaming, and more and more people are watching.

My breathing becomes loud and lagged. I close my eyes. “What you said about me. All the lies.” I'm starting to cry, but I won't let him see me cry, so I look down. I shake him off of me, and I back away. I don't want him to touch me anymore.

“Who the HELL told you?”

I won't tell him. He doesn't deserve to know. I turn away from him, and run to the door. I'm done with him. I won't ever let him control me. He won't make me feel sorry. I escape school grounds. I'm free.

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