Thinking Backwards

August 1, 2010
* * *

“You would do best to be a model, what with your looks.”

“Why, maybe a model, or an actor, would be a good career for you.”

“Huh? —Oh, maybe — I dunno — a model?”

“You’re too pretty for your own good — definitely a model.”

But I’d always wanted to be a writer — a science fiction writer. But apparently, I was too pretty for that line of work.

* * *

“Did you see that guy?—Hot!”

“Nah, might got the face, but not the brains. I like less superficial people, thank you.”

“He probably won’t go for a girl like me…”

“Too high on the hierarchy, with him being so attractive.”

But I managed to get straight A’s in some of my classes. I wasn’t shallow either, thank you very much. Or at least, I was pretty sure I wasn’t.

* * *

“Damn. He’s probably rich.”

“Maybe he got plastic surgery?”

“Look at his car! — Man, I want to be rich and beautiful, too!”

“He always brings these gourmet foods. The kid’s got money.”

But I had a job — that was how I got the cool car. And my mom made the food for me because I couldn’t afford to buy lunch everyday.

* * *

“Hey, I think he can read minds.”

“Maybe he’s just realizing what we really are.”

“Aw, rich and pretty boy thinks he’s all that!”

“Wow. What an idiot—can’t tell the difference between the two.”

And that was when I realized that they were all in my head.

* * *

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sleeplessdreamer said...
Aug. 23, 2010 at 8:20 am

I didn't like this story until the ending. It was a little cliche up till then, but I wouldn't change a word of it, because the ending made it genius. Funny how just a couple of words can make a piece go from bad to good. 

So, good job. 

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