A Night to Remember (Part 4)

August 8, 2010
By unique93 BRONZE, East Point, Georgia
unique93 BRONZE, East Point, Georgia
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A Night to Remember (Part 4)

“Oh my God, it has been four days and Mike still hasn’t called me”, Jamie whined. “Jamie calm down its only Thursday and the day is still not over”, I reassured my friend. School had just let out and being that Jamie and I had a test a test the next day, I decided that we could study together. “Yeah Lexie I guess your right. He might call me later on tonight and I will be ready”, Jamie stated. “But enough about him for now, I haven’t eaten since lunch so I am going downstairs to make us some snacks, just make yourself at home.” “Okay girl, thank you.”
After Jamie went downstairs I stood up and walked to her radio, but as soon as I attempted to turn on, her phone began t ring. At that moment, I intended to take the phone to her, but that was until I noticed who the caller was, and answered the phone for myself. “Hello”, I spoke into the phone. “Hey, ummm is this Jamie”, the caller asked. “No, this is not Jamie, its Alexis but who is this”, I asked even though I knew exactly who it was. “It’s Mike, and what’s good Alexis. Why you all up on Jamie’s phone anyway?” Trying to think up something quick I stated, “Well Jamie isn’t feeling so well right now so I just answered her phone for her.” “Oh for real, well that’s to bad because I was calling to ask her if she wanted to go out with me tomorrow night to this new jazz club called “Speak”, and I had already gotten our tickets. There is suppose to be a special guest there also.” “Wow, it seemed as if you too were going to have a great time. I wish there was something that I could do.” “Well, maybe there is”, Mike mumbled. “Since I already brought the tickets how about you just take her place, we could go as…friends.” After listening to what Mike had to say I knew what I was about to say would be wrong because I had already had plans with Jordan, but these crazy feelings that I had for Mike might just go away if I spent one night with him. “Sure…I’ll go with you”, I responded before giving him my cell phone number and address so he could come and pick me up. Soon after doing so, I heard Jamie making her way back up the stairs so; I told Mike I’d call him later and quickly pressed the end button on Jamie’s phone. “Okay girl I got the snacks”, Jamie said bringing back two sprites, pepperoni Hot Pockets, and a huge bag of Hot Cheetos. “By the way, why do you have my phone? Did Mike happen to call while I was downstairs; I thought I heard my phone ring.” “Oh girl I was just bluetoothing some of your ringtones to my phone”, I heard myself say, before picking up my phone to make it look as if I were doing just that. Instead I went through Jamie’s phone and deleted Mike’s name under recent calls and received calls. “Oh well okay let’s eat”, Jamie stated before taking a bit of her Hot Pocket. “Yeah let’s”, I said walking towards her and digging into my food.
]* * *
“Alexis I’m so sorry that we won’t be able to spend time together tomorrow”, Jordan spoke into the phone. “Yeah Jordan I know, I don’t know what got into me”, I faked a cough into the phone. I had just gotten home from Jamie’s house when Jordan called to see if I would still be able to go out with him tomorrow night, but seeing that I had recently made plans with Mike, I had to cancel what I had going on with him. I mean it was only a little white lie telling Jordan that I was sick; no real harm was being done. I was just going out with a new friend.” “Well baby”, I spoke in a raspy voice. “I’ll call you later because my head is starting to hurt.” “Alright, lil ma I hope you feel better baby girl”, Jordan said before hanging up the phone. After hanging up the phone with Jordan, I felt a hint of regret for lying to him, but I kept telling myself that Mike was just a friend and nothing more and if I went out with him then maybe some of the crazy feelings that I had for him would go away. Not knowing what I would be getting myself into, I pushed all of those thoughts to the back of my head and went to bed.
* * *
“Why are you the only thing that I care about, why are the only one that I care about, why are you the one that I think about , why are you the only one…beep beep you’re no good for me no…”, Amerie’s hit song “Why R U?” woke me up the next morning, from my alarm on my iPod. “Well I guess its time to get this day started, I can’t wait to see what the day has in store for me”, I thought to myself and with that I got up, got dressed, and headed out of the door.
After seven classes, a morning of Jamie ranting on and on about how Mike hadn’t called her, and eight hours of teachers yapping about dead presidents and genetics, school had finally been dismissed and my weekend had officially began. “So girl what do you plan on doing this weekend”, Jamie asked me as we walked to the bus ramp. “Well”, I began to hesitate, “Jordan and I were planning on going out tonight.” “Oh well that’s nice. I wish me and someone could go out”, Jamie said in a sulky voice. “Well Jamie maybe something came up”, I tried to encourage my girl, but I knew I was only truly hurting her.” “That is true Alexis, but he still could have called, but its okay. Oh there goes my bus so I’ll holla at you later”, Jamie stated before waving goodbye and heading towards her bus. After watching Jamie’s bus drive by I called Alexandria to have her come pick me up. When she finally came, we went straight home and I quickly got ready for my night out with Mike.
By 7:15 I was ready and Mike was already at the door. “Wow! Now don’t you look beautiful”, Mike complimented me on my outfit. “Well thank you”, I blushed. “You don’t look half bad yourself. After talking to Alex and telling her were I would be, Mike and I headed to “Speak”. “Wow Mike it’s very nice in here”, I said as soon as we walked into the small club. “Yeah I’m glad you could come Alexis”, Mike responded back looking at me with his hazel green eyes. “So far so good”, I thought to myself. “Mike is sooo sweet. Tonight is going to be great.”
On the other side of town Jordan and Jamie had just driven up to Alexis’s house to see what was going on with their friend. Before heading to her house Jordan called Jamie to see if she had talked to her, but when he asked where she was Jamie told him that Alexis said that she would be out with him. “Well that’s weird because when I called her she told me she was sick and wouldn’t be able to meet me tonight,” Jordan explained to Jamie when they were on the phone. “Well Jordan I don’t know what type of game Alexis is playing with you, but she is perfectly fine because I saw her at school today.” “Oh really”, Jordan said surprisingly. “Well if that’s the case I’m about to get to the bottom of this, I’m going to her house, would you like to come with”, Jordan asked. “Sure, let’s go and see what this girl is up to”, Jamie said. “Alright big head I’ll be there in a sec to pick you up”, Jordan teased and then hung up the phone, so he could go and pick up Jamie. When Jamie and Jordan finally arrived to Alexis’s house they both jumped out of the car and knocked on the door. “Just a minute”, a voice from inside of the house answered. “Oh hey Jamie…Jordan…what’s up” Alexandria greeted us as she opened the door. “Hey Alex, we just stopped by to see if Alexis was okay”, Jamie stated taking a look further into the house. Looking a little puzzled Alexandria said, “What do you mean if Alexis is okay? Girl Alexis is fine, as a matter of fact she just left out a second ago with one of her guy friends. I forgot what his name was but, I think they went to “Speak” the new jazz club down the street.” “New jazz club”, Jamie stated. “Guy friend…what in the world”, Jordan said in a heated voice, his face getting hotter by the minute. “Well Jordan I don’t know, but like I said she’s at “Speak”, Alexandria stated again. “Alright thanks Alex, we’re about to head over there to see what’s going on with her”, Jamie said and with that Jordan and Jamie headed towards “Speak”.
Back at “Speak” Alexis and Mike were getting closer than ever. “Oh Mike I am having so much fun”, I said putting my arms around Mike’s neck while dancing with him on the small dance floor. “I am also, I didn’t know you could dance”, Mike stated. Well there are a lot of things that you don’t know about me”, I flirted with Mike. “Yeah I guess your right”, Mike grinned at me with a sinister smile as the song playing came to an end. “Alright that was Lauryn Hill featuring D’Angelo with “Nothing Even Matters”, the announcer Derrick stated. “Well right now we would like to introduce our special guest… “Erykah Badu.” “Wooo hooo”, the crowd yelled. “Oh my God Mike you didn’t tell me that Erykah Badu would be our special guest”, I screamed in excitement. “Well Alexis I wanted it to be a surprise. So was it”, Mike asked smiling at me. “Of course, it was I so love you for this”, I said putting my arms around him and gave him a huge hug. After the crowd finally calmed down Erykah began to speak. “So how are you guys doing tonight? Well tonight I’m going to start off with this song that I think everyone can relate to. So everyone stand to your feet and rock with this.” “I love this song”, I stood to my feet as Erykah began to sing “Love of my Life”. “Come on let’s dance”, I said as I grabbed Mike by his hand and pulled him to the dance floor. “Alexis I’m so happy that you decided to come”, Mike whispered in my ear as we swayed to the music. “I am too, everything just feels so right”, I said as I looked into his eyes. Everything at that moment was perfect, and nothing could break it and suddenly my emotions got the best of me and I pushed my lips up against his. “Alexis I don’t think-”, Mike began but I cut him off by giving him another kiss and this time he didn’t stop me. He kissed me back. In that instant it felt as if I was on cloud nine but I was soon brought back into reality when I heard someone call my name. “ALEXIS! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE!” I turned around to see Jordan and Jamie with a look of shock on both of their faces. “What are you doing with my girl n****”, Jordan asked as he walked up to Mike with a look of hatred on his face. “Aye man it’s not what you think”, Mike said putting his hands up in the air. “Well man tell me what it is like cause what I just saw was your lips touching my girls , and Alexis I didn’t see you try to stop him earlier.” “Baby it’s not like that I was just … I was just”, I said trying to think up something to say. “Jamie, girl you got to believe me. I was just… we were just”, I was lost for words; there was nothing I could say. “Whatever Alexis save it for someone who cares. I can’t believe you, out of all people, lied to me. You had us worried sick about you and your behind is here at some dang club with Mike. The guy who you didn’t even care about and now you’re kissing him and all. Girl you must be out of your mind, I’m leaving. Oh yeah and Mike screw you don’t EVER call me again”, Jamie yelled and then walked out of the club. “Jamie wait”, Mike called back, but Jamie never turned around. “Baby… Jordan just listen to me”, I stated trying to grab him by his arm, but he pulled away. “Alexis there is nothing that you can say, I mean after all that we have been through and you want to cheat on me? For God’s sake girl I picked you off of the street when there was know way for you to get to the hospital. I was there for you when your best friend got drunk and lost control of herself. I was there to pick up your pieces when you began to fall and you do me like this. You definitely have some nerve.” “But Jordan... baby I’m sorry”, I began to cry out to him, tears falling down my face. “Please baby, please just give me another chance. My emotions just got the best of me. Jordan…Sean please.” By then it seemed as if everything in the club had stopped and all eyes were on me, Mike, and Jordan, as our drama continued to unfold. Jordan then turned around, looked me right into my eyes, and said, “Alexis I’m sorry, but I just need some time to think, and as for now I want nothing to do with you… we’re through.” After those last words came out of his mouth, he turned around and headed towards the door leaving me with Mike alone and dumbfounded. My life as of now…was ruined.

* * *
“Come on you guys or we are going to be miss orientation”, I yelled at my friends. “Oh girl please do not rush me and my baby”, Jamie giggled referring to her boo Mike, her boyfriend now of eight months. “Yeah lil ma we have plenty of time baby girl”, Jordan said as he stood in front of me and stopped me in my tracks. “Baby move”, I whined as I tried to push him out of my way. “Nope I’m not moving until you calm down.” Smiling at my boyfriend, I finally gave in and calmed down. “Okay okay I’m calm, but come on let’s hurry up before we’re late.” A whole year had passed since the whole incident at the jazz club had taken place with Mike and I. Since then Jamie and I were able to put aside are differences and decided that one mistake didn’t have to ruin our friendship and in the end it made us stronger as best friends. As for Jordan and I, after thinking about all that we had went through during the pass year I realized that what I had with him was to precious to loose, so after apologizing and showing Jordan that I really did care for and about him, he decided to give me another chance and since then we have been together for a year now. As for Mike, he finally was able to get back on Jamie’s good side and now you never see one without seeing the other and after talking everything through, Jordan and Mike were able to put aside their differences as well and became the best of friends. So now we are fresh out of high school and ready for college. We didn’t know what college had in store for us but whatever it was; we would be ready for the challenge. No matter what obstacles might have come in our way, whether it was crazy nights at night clubs or forgetting what really mattered in life, we always found a way to come out on top and in the end it all made us stronger and better as a person. Looking at Jordan, I really did realize how blessed I was to have a boyfriend as sweet and caring as him, and because of that for the first time I turned to him and said, “I love you Jordan.” Even though we had been together for a year, I still didn’t know what to expect, but he soon took my hand and put it with his and responded with a huge smile, “I love you too Alexis.” Thinking back on all that we had went through starting with that crazy night in August of last year and my feelings for Mike, I knew without a doubt that Jordan was definitely the one for me and just for that I gave him the kiss that he had been waiting for and deserved. Life as of now couldn’t get any better and to think it all began on one night. One night that I would always remember!

The author's comments:
What started as an A.P. Lit assignment inspired me to create my own full short story. With part 4 of "A Night to Remember" just when things start to get back to normal, Alexis begins to change and what starts as a great relationship between a new boyfriend could end with a broken heart and ex best friend.

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