A Night to Remember (Part 3)

August 8, 2010
By unique93 BRONZE, East Point, Georgia
unique93 BRONZE, East Point, Georgia
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A Night to Remember (Part 3)

“Well it was nice meeting you”, I said referring to Mike as Jordan, Jamie and I walked out of Starbucks. “Same here”, Mike said giving me a handshake and looking at me with his beautiful eyes. At that moment it felt as if he was hypnotizing me and I was so hooked that I couldn’t look away. “Alexis… baby you alright”, Jordan asked patting me on my shoulder. “Hmmm oh yeah baby I’m okay”, I responded. Just that quick I was put in a trance by looking into Mike’s eyes, boy did that guy look good, but that was all Jamie’s and besides I had Jordan. “Well Mike it was nice seeing you again. I really had a great time”, Jamie said while walking towards him. “I had a nice time too Jamie, maybe we can meet up some other time if you wouldn’t mind.” “I would love that, how about you call me sometime next week and we can make up a date”, Jamie suggested. “Alright that will work, I’ll call you soon”, Mike said before giving Jamie a hug and a kiss on her cheek. “Oh yeah and Jordan it was nice meeting you too bruh.” “Same here Mike. I’ll see you around”, Jordan responded.
After Mike said his goodbyes he went his separate way, when only left Jordan, Jamie, and I. “Alright girl I’m about to leave, but I want to thank both of you guys for coming here with me to meet Mike again, “Jamie stated. “Girl you’re welcome and you know anytime you need us we will be here I got your back”, Jordan added before playfully pushing Jamie on her head and then giving her a bear hug. “Thanks big head”, Jamie giggled. “Alright I’ll see you guys later and I’ll call you later Lexie.” “Okay, bye girl”, I said before waving goodbye. “So what was that all about,” Jordan asked looking at me as if I had done something wrong. After Jamie left, I called my sister to come and pick me up and I had just gotten off of the phone with her. “Baby what are you talking about”, I asked trying to get close to him but he backed away. “I’m talking about that stunt that you just tried to pull when you were talking to Mike. You were looking at him as if he were some type of celebrity or something.” “Aw Jordan are you upset,” I said giggling still trying to get closer to him but he backed away. “Alexis I’m serious. What was up with all of that? We have been together for two months and I really don’t appreciate you looking at another guy like that,” Jordan explained folding his arms and giving mea serious look. “Jordan now you know I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you and I’m sorry if you got the wrong impression, but I have no feelings for Mike at all. It was just at that moment that I zoned out and nothing more. I hope you understand”, I explained before unfolding Jordan’s arms and giving him a kiss. At first, it seemed as if he didn’t want to cooperate but soon afterward he gave in and kissed me back. Finally, after pulling away he said, “Yeah baby I understand it’s just at times I get a little jealous when guys look at you the way they d, but then I remember that I’m the one that has you in the end, and I’m so grateful for that.” “Aw that is so true baby”, I said putting my arms around his neck. “I am also grateful for you too.” “Beep beep.” The sound of a car horn interrupted me and Jordan’s make up session. “Well there is my ride”, I said turning around to see that the car honking came from Alexandria. “Oh okay lil ma. I’ll call you a little later”, Jordan said before giving me a goodbye kiss. “Alright babe bye”, I responded before walking towards the car. “Ummm hmmm, I saw you and Jordan,” Alexandria stated as soon as I stepped into the car. “Yeah yeah whatever, let’s not be a hater,” I giggled. “Hating on you girl please and remember who’s older, I have nothing to hate on”, Alex laughed before she turned on the radio and headed towards the house. One the way home all I could think of was what I had just said to Jordan about not have feelings for Mike, when the truth was I really did have feelings for him. I loved the way he looked at me with his beautiful hazel green eyes and the way he could catch a female’s attention with his seductive voice that made me want to be in his presence. But, wait…what was I doing? I had a boyfriend, a great boyfriend at that and Mike was Jamie’s guy, but yet and still these feelings wouldn’t go away. Was I really falling for Mike or were my hormones just in a frenzy? At that moment, I didn’t know what it was, but I needed to find out quickly before someone ended up getting hurt.

* * *
“So what did you think about him”, Jamie asked through the phone. “Well girl I must admit he has definitely changed but, remember that was only the first date”, I reminded her. It was Sunday afternoon and Jamie had just called me so we could talk about the double date that she shared with Mike, Jordan and I. “That is true, but I told you he had changed for the better. I can’t wait to see him later on this week.” “Yeah Jamie I’m happy for you”, I mumbled. Although I was truly happy for my girl, for some reason I felt a hint of jealously whenever she would speak of Mike, and I didn’t know why. I had only known Mike from that night at the club when he was so rude to me and the day before when we all went out for coffee, but yet and still these small feelings wouldn’t go away. “Thank you Lexie. Hey, he just sent me a text girl, so I’ll call you later.” “Oh okay Jamie bye.” “Hmmm”, I sighed after hanging up the phone. If anyone else would have texted Jamie, she would have stayed on the phone and caught up with that person later, but when it came to Mike everything had to stop then and there. She had only been talking to him for a couple of weeks and now al of a sudden he was more important than me, he best friend. I mean even though he had a seductive voice, nice body from what I could see, and lets not forget those amazing hazel green eyes of his, he wasn’t all of that. But, again who was I kidding, he was amazing. “Ahhh”, I groaned in frustration. This was the same guy who had straight who had straight up dissed me two months ago and now I couldn’t get him off of my mind.
“… Will you ever need to wonder why let me know”, my phone began to ring. “Hey baby boy”, I answered my phone with a smile. “Hey beautiful, what you up to”, Jordan asked. “Well I just got ran off the phone by Jamie because MIKE just texted her”, I explained. “Oh for real, I tell you Jamie need to calm down she only when out with the guy yesterday and she already faking for him, now that’s crazy.” Although it might have been crazy, it was possible because I had fallen too and if I didn’t find my way up soon I would end up I a bad situation. “Yeah I agree it is, but you must admit he is a nice person.” You right baby girl, but enough about him I want to spend time with you. How about Friday night, just you and me go to the movies and then somewhere to eat”, Jordan suggested. “Sure babe, I have nothing else to do so why not.” “Alright well it’s a date. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face on Friday, I don’t know what it is but, I know God has to be real being that he put you in my life”, Jordan stated. “Awww Jordan, you are so sweet I feel the same way”, I said. “I’m glad to hear that lil ma, but girl there goes my mom so I’ll holla at you later.” “Alright Sean bye”, I ended the conversation. “Why me”, I thought to myself after putting my phone down. Everything I had just said to Jordan was true, but I still couldn’t get my mind off of Mr. Hazel Eyes. “What will it take”, I spoke aloud, “for me to get over this guy.” At the time I didn’t know my answer, but soon I would find out.

The author's comments:
What started as an A.P. Lit assignment inspired me to create my own full short story. With part 3 of "A Night to Remember" just when things start to get back to normal, Alexis begins to change and what starts as a great relationship between a new boyfriend could end with a broken heart and ex best friend.

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