A Night to Remember (Part 2)

August 8, 2010
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“Alexis oooh girl I got something to tell you”, Jamie said as soon as I walked inside of the school building. “Hey girl what’s up”, I asked as I opened up my locker and stuffed my things inside. The bell had just rung and I for one was not about to be late. “Well, you remember Mike the guy I met at “Light’s Out”, he called me last night”, Jamie said grinning at me. Shocked and surprised I turned to look at Jamie to see if she was just playing with me, but when I looked at her I could tell that she was serious. “Oh My God Jamie are you serious! That guy got you drunk at some club, never had the heart to call you to see if you were okay, and all of a sudden this fool is calling you to catch up on what…. old times. I hope you hung up on his dumb behind”, I stated heated. I could not believe after two months Mr. Hazel Eyes decided that he wanted to call my girl after all the harm and danger he put her threw, he had some nerve. “Alexis calm down”, said soothingly trying to calm me down. “It’s been two months since that incident happened and I really do believe that he has changed. He is really sweet and he told me he wanted to meet up at Starbucks near Camp Creek this weekend”, Jamie explained trying to compromise with me but I was not falling for it. “Jamie I just don’t know, I love you and all but this is crazy. I just don’t see how you can forgive someone like Mike after he put your life in danger. I mean for God’s sake girl we didn’t even know if you would live or not and now you are acting so nonchalant about the whole situation”, I said trying to get her to understand what I was saying. “Alexis I know it sounds crazy but believe me I know what I am doing. I’ll show you…now come on the bell just rung and I am not trying to be late for Mrs. Jewel’s class cause you know how she can be”, Jamie said closing the conversation for good.
Throughout the whole day I could not stop thinking about what Jamie and I had talked about earlier. I could not see how my girl could be so careless and free hearted to bring Mike, out of all people, back in her life. I just hoped whatever she choose to do it would be the right choice, because without my best friend I didn’t know what I would do.

“Mom I’m home”, I yelled as I walked through the door. “Hey sweetie, how was school? I am about to head out for awhile but Alexandria should be here in a sec, I left food out on the table for you guys”, my mother yelled from upstairs. “School was okay I guess, but after I finished my work I plan on meeting Jordan at Subway if you don’t mind. I promise I’ll be back before eight”, I explained. By then my mom had made it downstairs and she was ready to go. “Girl you are really pushing it, but since its Jordan it will be okay and remember it is a school night so by 8 you better be home”, my mother warned. Every since that night at the hospital with Jordan, my mother had become so fond of him and felt that he was a good guy and that I should definitely keep a hold of him. So every time I would ask to hang out with him she never had a problem with it, as long as I was safe. “Sure mom now go take care of your business, I’ll see you when you get home.” “Okay Lexie remember what I said now and I’ll see you later”, my mother said before giving me a hug and walking out of the house. After texting Jordan to make sure he would still be able to meet me at Subway, I was ready to go. “Hey girl where are you going”, Alexandria my older sister asked as she pulled into the driveway just as I was walking out of the house. “Girl I’m about to go meet my boo at Subway, so we can talk about Jamie and when I get back I’ll tell you about it.” “Oh girl don’t worry about that I’ll drive you down there”, my sis offered. “Oh for real thank.” Every since the incident with my car, I had never gotten a chance to get another car so in the meantime I would just catch a ride with one of my friends or family members. By the time Alexandria and I made it to Subway Jordan had already made it there. “Thanks again sis I’ll see you later”, I said before getting out of the car and walking into the fast food restaurant.
“What’s up lil ma”, Jordan greeted me with a hug and kiss as soon as I walked inside of the restaurant. “Hey Sean”, I said giggling. “Sean” had become Jordan’s nickname for me every since we became a couple because of him similarities to the island singer/ rapper Sean Paul. “Very funny, now come on I ordered food for the both of us”, Jordan said while escorting me to the table. “So what’s going on baby, you seem a little tense is everything good with you and Jamie”, Jordan asked as soon as we received our food. “To be honest with you I don’t know”, I responded shaking my head. “Today, Jamie told me that Mike called her and wanted to meet her at Starbucks on Saturday.” “Hold up you mean that dumb butt who got her drunk at “Light’s Out”, Jordan asked. “Yeah babe that’s the one”, I said. “Alexis you got to be kidding me. WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Jamie is just beginning to act like her normal self.” “Yeah Jordan I know I tried to explain to her, but it’s like she didn’t want to hear it and I just don’t know what to do.” “Baby girl it’s all good we will figure out something. Everything will work out fine”, Jordan said smiling at me warmly. “I know Jordan I know”, I said and with that we finished our food in peace.
* * *
After the nice outing with Jordan I felt that I had enough strength to talk some sense into Jamie’s head. “Knock, knock”, my sister spoke before making her way into my room. “So Lexie tell your big sis what’s been going on.” “Well Alex let me start from that crazy night in August”, I began. And for the next hour I explained to my sister everything that happened in the last two months with Jamie, Jordan, and I and quickly gave her an update on what was going on with Jamie and Mike. “Wow, now that is crazy”, Alexandria stated after I was finished with my story. “All I have to say is that Jamie really needs to be careful. I don’t see how she can be so careless when that guy got her drunk and she could have gotten killed.” “I don’t know Alex, but maybe I should give them a chance I mean she did say he changed.” “Well like I said just be careful”, Alex warned. “I will sis and lets hope the best for Jamie as well.”

“Hey Jamie how are you?” I greeted my friend at my locker. It was finally Friday and I could not wait until school was over so that my weekend could begin. “Hey”, Jamie responded in a non-caring tone. “Okay so understand that you are a little upset because I fully don’t agree with the fact that you and Mike will be together on Saturday, but I’ve decided to put it all aside and be on your side when it comes to who you want to be with, and if you want to be with Mike then go on ahead I’m one hundred percent behind you”, I explained. After listening to what I had to say Jamie finally turned around with a huge smile on her face. “Yay”, she exclaimed. “I knew you would come around. Like I said I know it seems a little weird and all, but I know for a fact that he has changed.” “Jamie I believe you and I hope you have a great time tomorrow with him”, I reassured my girl patting her on her shoulder. “Well if that’s the case Alexis then I would love it if you would help me pick out an outfit for tomorrow when I go out with Mike.” “Jamie I don’t know”, I began. “Awww come on”, Jamie stated. “It will be fun and you can come over right after school and then afterwards we can just hangout. “Well I guess I could stop by and help you pick out an out an outfit for your date tomorrow”, I finally gave in. “Thank you so much Lexie”, Jamie exclaimed. “Tomorrow is going to be great.” “Ding …ding…ding”, the bell had just rung indicating that school had been dismissed. “Woo hoo freedom”, I yelled as I stepped out of the classroom. “Girl who you telling my weekend have officially begun”, Jamie giggled. “I agree, girl after I put my stuff down and get situated I’ll be right over to your house so we can pick out an outfit for your date tomorrow.” “That will be fine, see you later”, Jamie says and then quickly headed outside I seemed happy for Jamie there was still apart of me that didn’t think that her going out with Mike was such a great idea. I needed to come up with a plan quick, fast and in a hurry. There was no way I could let Jamie put her life in danger again.
* * *
“So how does this look”, Jamie asked turning around in a short denim dress. I had just made it to her house and sat down to get comfortable. “Jamie, girl you are going to get coffee not going to a night club”, I giggled. “Just a pair of skinny jeans, a nice shirt, and a pair of heels will do just fine.” “Yeah I guess your right. I don’t know why I’m taking this so serious, it’s only Mike. I mean it’s not like I haven’t seen him before, but of course at the time he was drunk. Ahhh I just don’t know what to do, I’m so confused”, Jamie complained and fell back on her bed. “Girl you are a trip, calm down. I assure you Jamie everything will be okay, you said so yourself”, I encouraged my friend. “I know Alexis, I guess I’m just nervous”, Jamie admitted and stood up. “Hey, I have an idea. How about you come along and bring Jordan. It could be like double date, that way you can see how he has changed for the better and if something goes wrong we can just leave”, Jamie suggested. “You know girl that doesn’t sound that bad, we could all meet up around noon and just go from there”, I stated. “Yes!” I thought to myself. I was so happy that Jamie suggested that we all go together and make it a double date, now I didn’t have to come up with a plan. Everything was set, now all I had to do was wait and see how everything would workout. “Okay well it’s a deal, I’ll call Mike tonight and tell him about the change”, Jamie said before standing up and picking out another outfit ready to try on. After putting on the outfit Jamie walked out of the bathroom”, “So how is this”, Jamie asked turning around once again showing off her outfit. “Perfect”, I smiled admiring her silver and black shirt and black denim jeans. “Alright I guess the only thing left to say is…let the fun began!”
* * *
“… Will you ever feel the need to wonder why let me know, let me know”, my phone began to ring the following Saturday morning, indicating that Jordan was calling me. “Good morning babe”, I answered the phone in a sleepy tone. “Good morning sleepy head”, Jordan chuckled. “So you ready to get this day started?” “Well I guess baby, I just hope to best for my girl and I also hope that Mike has changed for the better.” “I feel you lil ma, at around 11:45 meet me up at Starbucks so we can at least have a couple of minutes alone until Jamie and Mike show up.” “Okay sounds good to me babe, see you in a bit,” I spoke into the phone before hanging up and getting out of bed.
About 45 minutes later I was fully dressed and ready to head out of the door. “You ready”, Alexandria asked me from downstairs. “Yeah sis I’m coming”, I replied as I walked down the stairs. “Hmmm now don’t you look nice. I hope the only thing you are getting is coffee”, Alexandria giggled taking a good look at my outfit. “Yeah Alex that’s the only thing I’m getting, now come on I told Jordan I would meet him at around 11:45”, I stated grinning at her and rolling my eyes. My sister at times could be a trip, but I really appreciated her, I mean she was the one who agreed to take me to Starbucks in the first place and for that I loved her even more. “Yeah, yeah okay let’s go”, Alex smirked and with that we headed out of the door.
15 minutes later we had made it to Starbucks and Jordan was standing outside of the door waiting for me. “Alright chica call me when you’re ready. I’ll holla”, Alex stated before waving at Jordan and driving off. “Hey baby”, I said as I walked into Jordan’s arms. His touch felt so good so close to my skin. It felt as if I was melting and he was there to keep me together. “Hey lil ma”, he whispered in my ear and kissed me on my neck. For a second I had forgotten were I was until I was quickly brought back into reality when an older woman began to clear her throat. “Oh I’m sorry”, I stuttered as I pulled away from Jordan, my face instantly turning red. “Ummm hmmm”, the lady responded and stepped inside of the restaurant. “Ha ha ha, dang baby I’m sorry it’s just that you in that outfit is definitely turning a brother on”, Jordan grinned at me while giving my body a look over. "Well thank you Sean, you and your outfit is turning me on”, I responded admiring the blue polo and blue denim jeans that my babe was wearing and not to mention his braids were definitely on point. “Thanks lil ma”, Jordan said pulling me back to him and giving me a peck on my lips. “Okay babe not that I want to end this at all but we need to get inside so we can meet Jamie and Mike”, I pulled back smiling at my boo. “Alright babe we can go inside.” Not to long after Jordan and I had walked inside the café. “Hey girl”, Jamie greeted me. “Big head”, Jamie giggled referring to Jordan. “Whatever big lips”, Jordan responded back. “Ummm hmmm whatever you say Jordan, guys don’t seem to have a problem with it”, Jamie said before playfully pushing him. “Okay okay we are in public”, I said closing their bickering conversation. “So when is Mike coming its almost 12.” As son as the words left my mouth the door of Starbucks opened and a light skin guy with beautiful hazel eyes and a face that resembled Micheal Early entered the room. “Hey Jamie", the guy stated in a nice seductive voice when he made it to our table. “Mike… hey”, Jamie greeted him back. For a minute or so Jamie and I were in total shock, I mean we knew that Mike was attractive, but up close in person he was definitely what you would call sexy, and his eyes made everything even better. “What up bruh”, Jordan spoke up breaking the silence. “I’m Jordan and this is my girl Alexis and she is also Jamie’s best friend.” “Yeah I remember from the club”, Mike responded. “Oh yeah and about the club incident I am truly sorry about my behavior on that night. A couple of my friends were trying to make me feel better by giving me a couple of drinks before heading to the club and I guess I just got a little out of hand.” “Aye man it’s all in the pass lets just not have it happen again in the future and we will be okay”, Jordan warned Mike. “Most def man, no more drinks for me I have too much to look for in my future”, Mike said looking at Jamie and giving her a smile that showed off his pearly whites. “Sooo do you guys want to order your drinks”, I asked opening my mouth for the first time since Mike had entered the room. “Yeah sure, choose whatever you would like Jamie”, Mike says before walking to the counter and ordering for the both of them after Jamie chose what she wanted. After receiving their food and drinks, Jamie and Mike came to sit in front of Jordan and me and for the next hour or so we all became acquainted to Mike.
* * *

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