A Night to Remember

August 8, 2010
By unique93 BRONZE, East Point, Georgia
unique93 BRONZE, East Point, Georgia
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“Jamie would you come on or we are going to be late”, I yelled from the bottom step. “Alexis would you please calm down, I’m coming besides you no I got to look good for the fellas”, she yelled back. “Girl please you are not all that cute, now would you please hurry up.” Jamie and I were headed to “Light’s Out” one of the hottest teen clubs in Atlanta and we had to look our best. “Okay I’m coming, I’m coming”, Jamie stated as she turned off the bathroom light and made her way down the stairs.

“OH…MY…GOD you look amazing”, I squealed in excitement. Even though we were pressing for time, I had to give my girl her props; she was really doing her thing. “Thanks girl, you no I do try and you don’t look bad yourself, you are really working that dress.” “Well you no how I do,” I said striking a pose. “Okay lets go have us some fun. Tonight is going to be a night to remember”, I said while grabbing my keys and with that Jamie and I headed out of the door.
* * *

50 Cent & Ne-Yo’s “Baby by Me” could be heard from a mile away as me and Jamie stepped out of the car and headed for the club. “Oh girl you can have a baby by me any day of the week”, a tall dark guy with a gold tooth yelled to me. “Ewww no thank you”, I groaned. “I no that’s right girl, he looks like a nasty dog”, Jamie giggled. “Girl guys are the last thing on my mind, I’m ready to have some fun”, I replied as I wiggled my hips to the sound of the music. “Ha speak for yourself, because my fun has just arrived”, my girl stated as she pointed to a nice light- skin brotha with a pair of beautiful hazel eyes. “Well girl do your thang don’t forget that we are heading out at 12.” “Ummm hmmm I no”, Jamie yelled back already headed towards Mr. Hazel Eyes.
One whole hour has passed and I still haven’t seen Jamie since she walked off with Mr. Hazel Eyes. “Hey, why you look so sad lil ma,” a Sean Paul look alike with braids asked me. Usually when a guy came up to me and tried to so call “spit game” I would usually kick them to the curb, but for some reason this time it was different, this guy actually seemed sincere. “Hey, it’s nothing really I’m fine.” “Well lil ma you don’t look fine, and no pretty face like yours should have a frown on it. By the way my name is Jordan, what’s yours.”
“I’m Alexis”, I said blushing finally turning to face Jordan. “That’s what I like to see, a beautiful smile. Now Alexis how about you tell me what’s wrong and I will see how I can help”, Jordan suggested. “Well Jordan like I said it’s nothing really big, it’s just that me and my friend Jamie where suppose to hangout tonight, but she ran off with Mr. Hazel Eyes and left me here alone.” “Well I’m pretty sure you will find her around, but in the meantime would you like to dance”, Jordan asked. “Sure I’ll dance with you”, and with that Jordan took my hands in his and we walked to the dance floor.
Jordan and I were having so much fun I had almost lost track of time. With the short amount of time that we had been together, I found out his age, the school he attended which happened to be not to be far away from my own school, and some of his hobbies and things he enjoyed doing. “Wow Jordan, I have had so much fun, but I told Jamie that we should meet up at around 12.” “Oh no problem lil ma I’ll help you look for her “, Jordan said while grabbing my hand as we moved through the crowd to look for Jamie.
Ten minutes later Jamie still could not be found and I began to worry. “Jordan we have looked everywhere in this club and we still haven’t found her”, I said panicking. “Come on she might be outside.” As soon as, Jordan and I hit the cool midnight breeze, sure enough Jamie could be seen caked up with Mr. Hazel Eyes himself. “Well there is your girl”, Jordan stated. “Jamie! Jamie did you forget that we were suppose to be leaving at 12”, I yelled in rage walking toward my crazy friend. “Lexie chillaxxx it’s only 12:30”, Jamie slurred and then turned her attention back to Mr. Hazel Eyes. “Jamie it is time to go, tell you little boyfriend you will talk to him later”, I stated while grabbing her arm and pulling her towards the car.
“Awww man Lexie you got to go and ruin things”, Jamie whined, “Mike baby aren’t you gonna help me.” Hold up did I just hear Jamie call Mike better known as Mr. Hazel Eyes “baby” this night was moving way to fast. “I don’t think she wants to go with you”, Mike said as he walked up to me as if he wanted to do something. “Ummm Mike I don’t know who you are, but I think I know my friend better than you so I am going to need for you to step back”, I replied looking right into Mike’s eyes. “Come on Jamie let’s go.” “Mike call me”, Jamie yelled while making her way to the car. “Ok I’ll call you baby”, Mike yelled back and then walked back into the club.
“Is she okay? She doesn’t look so good”, Jordan said as he walked up beside me. “Ummm hmmm! Oh you are to fine. What’s your name”, Jamie asked in her slurred voice. “Jamie get in the car.” “I am so sorry Jordan; don’t mind her she is obviously drunk. I can’t believe this; she has never had anything more than a glass of champagne and that is only during New Year’s Eve,” I stated putting my head in my hands. “Alexis everything is going to be okay just make sure to drive safe and everything will be just fine”, Jordan said before putting his hands around my waist to give me a hug. But for some reason it did not feel as if everything would be okay. “Thank you so much Jordan for being here with me tonight, I really appreciate everything you have done for me”, I explained giving him a kiss on the cheek, and with that we exchanged numbers and I stepped into the car to drive my friend back to my house.
* * *

“Alexis can you stop playing around I am perfectly fine…now let me drive”, Jamie asked reaching for the stern wheel. “Jamie cut it out. I can’t believe that you are wasted”, I yelled at my dumbfounded friend. Five minutes on the road and Jamie looked nothing like herself. Jamie’s hair was messy and her eyes were blood shoot red. I wonder what Mike did to her? I mean Jamie had always been adventurous but tonight everything was just way out of control. “Lexie come on let me drive”, Alexis began to cry and with that she lunged for the stern wheel finally getting a hold of it.
“Oh my God Jamie stop”, I yelled trying to take control of the wheel, “Jamie please stop.” “No this is fun. I am having so much-”, Jamie stopped in mid sentence before puking all over the dashboard. “Jamie! Are you serious? That is disgusting.” I was so fed up with Jamie I smashed on brakes bringing the car to a complete stop before getting out to see if she was okay. I opened the passenger door, “Jamie are you okay”, I asked in concern. “I’m fine, I’m fine just let me drive”, Jamie started to whine again. “What part of no don’t you understand”, I yelled slamming her car door. I took a deep breathe before walking back to the driver’s side, suddenly noticing Jamie in my driver’s seat. I quickly grabbed the door handle just to find out that it was locked. “Jamie open this door now, this is not funny”, I yelled banging on the door. “Come on just get in the car”, Jamie said turning up the radio dancing to the new hit “O Let’s Do It” by Waka Flocka Flame. “Girl if you don’t unlock this door right now! I am going to count to five.” “And then what”, Jamie smirked suddenly taking off with my car running over my left foot. “OOOUCCCHHHH”, I screamed in excruciating pain falling to the hard cement ground.
“Ha ha ha now this is the life”, I could hear Jamie yelling out of the window. I could not believe that this was actually happening to me. How could a night that started so right turn into my worst nightmare? Could this night get any worst I thought to myself. Apparently it could because just as I saw Jamie turn the curb a huge BMW ran right into the driver’s side of the car sending the car swerving three times off the road into a huge ditch. “Oh My God Jamie”, I screamed with tears in my eyes. There was nothing I could do. My foot was broken and bleeding like crazy and at this point I didn’t no if my best friend was either dead or alive. With all of the drama and mixed emotions I just could not handle anything anymore and just like that I blacked out.
* * *
“Okay guys I think she’s coming to.” I could hear voices of men over my head as I began to open my eyes. “It looks as if she has a broken foot, but it seems like she will be okay”, a voice stated. “Hey where am I? Where is Jamie? Oh my God where is Jamie!” I began to cry as I sat up in the hospital bed. “Miss please calm down. My name is Dr. Smith and you are at Piedmont Hospital. You had a serious blackout miss but lucky, a guy who claims to know you saw you lying in the middle of the street and immediately called the police. He said as he was looking around he saw that your car was totally damaged in the middle of a ditch with your friend, um I think her name is Jamie unconscious.” “Guy? What guy? And where is Jamie I need my friend”, I whined. “Well miss the guy who saved you is waiting outside, I’ll have him come in if you want”, Dr. Smith offered. “Sure bring him in”, I replied, at this point I was exhausted and Dr. Smith still wouldn’t give me the answer to my question about Jamie.
“Hey lil ma, how you holding up.” “Jordan! Is that you? How did you find me here”, I asked. Jordan was the last person I expected to see at the hospital at three in the morning. “Well I just happened to be on my way home; when I noticed a body on the street. So I stopped my car and saw that it was you and called the police and then while I was looking around I saw your girl unconscious in your car in the ditch. Apparently the guy who got into the accident with your friend drove off because by the time the police came, he was no where to be found.”
“Wow Jordan! I don’t know how much I can say to show my appreciation for saving my life. Thank you so much.” “Your welcome lil ma I’m just happy that you are okay”, Jordan said before taking my hand in his. Suddenly, the door of the hospital room flung open and my mother ran in. “Oh baby Alexis are you okay”, my mother asked moving Jordan out of the way. “Yes mom I am fine. I have a bit of a headache and my foot hurts but I am okay. I am just very worried about Jamie. When I asked Dr. Smith about her he totally ignored me.” “Oh honey Jamie is really not looking her best right now but the good news is she is conscious the only thing is that she has a very bad head injury, her right arm is broken, and she has a few big gashes on her right leg”, my mother explained. “Well it’s good to know that she is conscious.
I just wish she would have listened to me. I total her that she could not drive, but she just wouldn’t listen.” “Well Alexis you did all you could, Jordan said, you told Jamie that she couldn’t drive but she refused to listen, so I think that she got what she deserved, plus she shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place.” “I have to agree with this young man right here baby. Jamie was way out of line tonight. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not happy at all with what happened to Jamie, but like this young man stated she should have not been drinking and she should have been listening to you”, my mother rambled on, “By the way young man I don’t think that I have met you before. What is your name?” “Oh I apologize for not introducing myself properly, my name is Jordan Benson.
I just recently met Alexis at the teen club “Light’s Out”. By the way, you have a lovely daughter”, Jordan stated smiling at my mother. “Oh why thank you and it’s nice to meet you Jordan, just call me Ms. Jade. Well sweetie I am going to let you get some rest and I will come back later on to check on you”, my mother said before kissing me on my forehead and waving goodbye to Jordan before closing the door. “She seems to really like you”, I said to Jordan before stretching my arms ready to get some seriously needed sleep. “Yeah your mom is pretty cool I’m glad I got a chance to meet her even though the hospital wasn’t the first place I intended to meet her”, Jordan chuckled. “I know what you mean Jordan and again I appreciate everything that you have done for me tonight; the great time at the club and for saving my life and Jamie’s.” Your welcome lil ma, remember right now I am going to let you get some rest and I will come back to check on you”, Jordan said before giving me a hug and walking out of the door. A night that started out with fun and laughter ended with pain and suffering I thought to myself and it all started with one drink. Tonight was definitely a night to remember.
* * *
“Can you guys be one minute together without being down each other’s throats, we are in public you know”, Jamie complained referring to the fact that we were in a restaurant. “Girl we are in Zaxby’s and nobody seems to be paying any attention to us, besides don’t hate what you can’t have”, I said before giving Jordan a kiss on his lips and smiling at my girl. It had been two months since that crazy night in August, when Jamie and I when out to “Light’s Out” just to have some fun. Although things did not go as plan on that night, I did meet a great guy, Jordan, who is now my boyfriend and Jamie is now doing better than ever. With only a few scars on her face and a broken leg my girl was back to her old adventurous self.
“Hating on you… never and besides its Jordan”, Jamie scoffed. “You wasn’t saying that when you first met me”, Jordan smirked playfully punching Jamie on her arm. “Boy please I was drunk that night and trust I will never make that mistake again, besides you’re not even that cute.” “You right, he’s not cute he’s fine and he all mine”, I said grinning from ear to ear. “And this lil ma is all mine”, Jordan said before kissing me on the cheek. “You guys are ridiculous,” Jamie sighed throwing her arms in the air. “Awww you know I love you”, I said walking over to Jamie’s side of the booth to give her a hug. “Yeah I love your big head too”, Jordan added winking at Jamie. “Ha ha ha you are not funny, but I love you guys too”, Jamie said with a smile. After all Jamie, Jordan, and I had been through these pass two months with the alcohol and the car accident, it seemed as if nothing could bring us down. I had my best friend back and a great new boyfriend. Nothing could stop us now! At least that is what I thought until the following week came…

The author's comments:
What started as a writing assignment in my A.P. Lit class inspired me to create a full length short story. Being that I enjoy to read a lot also inspired me to become a story writing. So I hope that you guys enjoy my story and I would really appreciate many comments. Thank you very much!

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