Truth of Tears (Opening)

August 6, 2010
By Melissa Kube BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
Melissa Kube BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
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Kady always wondered what would it be like when her and her twin brother Kc would go to Jr. high together. Would they have the same friends? Would they have classes together? But she never wondered about what would happen to them once they entered the seventh grade.

"Get up Kc!" Kady said as she jabbed Kc with her finger. He rubbed his rib cage then rolled over.
"Kaaaaaaayceeeee!" She said impationtly. "Come on I'm already ready and we have like ten minutes. I do not want to be late on the first day of school." Kady stood over her brother, and started pokeing him again.
'Ugh school' Kc thought as he rubbed his eyes. 'where did summer go?' His mind went to the lazy days of summer were he and his sister laid out by the pool argueing who made the bigger splash, and hearing the crickets soft chirping at night while the sat in the yard trying to catch the fireflies that always seemed to get away.
When he opened his eyes he was back to the morning of the first day of school.
"Goodmorning," Kady smiled at him. Then she got up and started to walk to her side of the room but stopped and turned back. "Hurry, please." And then she was picking up all the clothes strewned across her bed.
Kc mumbeled to himself while he stumbled to the shower.
Kady hurried around the room to clean it up. She hated it being messy. She hated it so much she cleaned her brothers side of the room. Which would usually be a disaster area if it wasn't for her.
She collected her small make up collection and dropped it into her makeup bag. She caught a glimps of herself in the mirror. Her round almost make up free face, and sighed. 'No one is even going to notice me.' She pressed her lips together, and continued cleaning until it was finally time to go.
Kady and Kc watched their mother drive off. Then they turned to take in the place where they'd be for the next two years.

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