Getting ready for prom

July 28, 2010
By juno16 GOLD, St. Louis, Missouri
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“Ok, class so you all know that the prom is on Saturday. You need to buy your tickets. Today is the last day.” Mr. Killjoy said while writing the info on the board.
“Did you buy your ticket yet? I did.” Baby said.
“Yes, of course I did. We are still going together with the guys’ right?” RoseMarry asked back.
“RoseMarry and Baby stop talking in class. When I talk you………….” Ring went the bell while Killjoy was yelling at them. “Class, Get Out Of Here! Have a good weekend and enjoy the prom.”
RoseMarry and Baby were walking to RoseMarry’s house. On their way there they saw a big swarm of birds and thought nothing of it. They are going to have a dress rehearsal for prom. They walked up the stairs to RoseMarry’s room. Then they felt something, a great disturbance in the world of beauty. Baby opened the door and saw RoseMarry’s little twin sisters playing with the remaining make up that she had. It was all over the twins.
“MOM!! Get the clones out of my room! They destroyed my make up!!” RoseMarry yelled at the top of her lungs.
“Do it yourself Rosy I’m busy.” Rosy’s mom yelled back.
“What are we going to do now?” Baby asked with a sad look appon her face.
“I don’t know………….wait, I do know.” Rosy replied.
“Do you remember my uncle that lives in India?”
“Yes, I love that guy. What about him? Oh My God are we going to India?”
“Maybe, we might have to go.”
“YES!!! What about him anyway?”

“Well, he’s a doctor, ok, and a little crazy too. He has been doing experiments on a puppy, he has given him super powers. He is going to give him to me, but I don’t know when. So I think that we should go up there to get my puppy.”
“WOW!! That is so cool. What does the puppy do?”
“I don’t know yet, but he might help us.”
“How are we going to get there?”
“We fly.”
Rosy made at least 10 phone calls until she finally got a plane to fly them to India. They told Rosie’s mom and she said it was fine. They packed, got ready, and went outside to the taxi that Rosie’s mom called for them.
Then all of a sudden a bird flew down and sat on Baby’s head and started pecking at her. She was screaming and yelling. Rosy helped her to get the bird off. They ran into the taxi when they saw even more birds come down from the sky.

They closed the door and the birds attacked the car, the driver got scared and got out of the car towards and ran twordes the house. He didn’t make it. Rosey hopped in the front seat and drove the car away. The birds finally stopped trying to kill them when they passed a school.
“That’s weird, all the birds landed on the play ground. What are they looking at?” Baby asked.
“I think they are looking at the kids getting on the school bus.” RoseMarry said.
“Should we tell them?”
“No, I think they will be fine.”
They drove to the airport where the plane is at. They went inside to get a band aid for
Baby’s head. Once they got the cuts bandaged they went outside to find the plane. When they found the plane a small little boy came out.
“Hello. You must be Mrs. RoseMarry and Mrs. Baby.” The boy said.
“Yes we are.” Rosy said back, “Do you know who is flying us to India? Your dad, your mom, older sister, or maybe even a cute older brother.”
“No m’am. It is just me.”
“I much rather have someone older fly us, if you don’t mind. Preferably someone with experience.”
“And someone hot.” Baby intrupted.
“Well m’am my family is dead and I’m the only one around here that can fly you for free m’am.”
“Ok, fine. Oh and stop calling me m’am call me Rosy.”
“Yes m’am. Oh sorry m’am. I mean Rosy.”
“There you go and now we should get going.”
All three of them jumped into the plane and took off to India. They flew over all the oceans in between the USA and India. They saw the most amazing things. It was about sun down when something bad happened. The birds came back. One flew into the engine and blew it up. The plane went down and crashed. Only the girls survived, and they didn’t have a scratch on them.
“Poor little boy. Well now he’s up with his family.” Rosy said with a tear running down her face.
“So. Where does your Uncle live?” Baby asked.
“On 103rd street. Which is somewhere?”
“There. There it is. Wow that’s a little weird.”
“Yes, weird.”
“Ok then let’s go in shall we!”
The two of them walked in and saw that he wasn’t home. Rosy woke up her cousin and asked him where his dad went. He thought that he was dreaming and told them any ways.

He said that he was on call at some mans house. Then he gave them the address. They walked to the house and went in when they saw her uncle’s car.

When they went inside there was a light on in the bed room, so they walked in. They saw her uncle getting yelled at in a whisper by a man in bed.

“Hey uncle it’s me Rosy I came for my puppy.” Rosy yelled. Then the man in bed jumped up and shook his legs for some reason. The man started yelling at Rosy’s uncle and saying such mean words to him.

“Girls lets go.” Her uncle said.

The three of them went out into the car and drove to his house.

“So what brings you two down here? The pup right?” her uncle said

“Yes. We kind of need him for prom” Rosy said.

“That’s fine, but there seems to be a problem.”

“What! Is the puppy ok?”

“He’s fine, but…………..well some one took him from me and I think I know where he is.”

“Where? Tell me.”

“He is at a man’s house in Italy. His name is Amontillado. He is having a party for New Years and he invited me. I think to rub the faked that he has my dog in my face.”

“Well then Baby and I will go. We will get my pup back.”

“You are such like your mother.”

Baby and Rosy walked out of his house and looked for a ride up to Italy. Then Baby said, “Hay why don’t we take that man’s car. The one who was yelling at your uncle. I saw it and it looked pretty nice and fast. I don’t think he will mind.”

“Great idea Baby.” RoseMarry said. Then they ran to the man that yelled at RoseMarrie’s uncle house and stole his car. RoseMarry was driving and she drove Baby to Italy. Once there they found out where Amontillado lived and went to his house. They were so astonished of what they saw. At the house there was a party. There was a lot of people there and they looked like they were all drunk. They found Amontillado was talking to a guy with a really big hat on. They were talking about some kind of really rich wine. They started to walk into the house. Baby and RoseMarry followed them and listened in on their conversation.

“Amontillado!” said the man.

“I have my doubts.” Said Amontillado


“And I must satisfy them.”


“As you are engaged, I am on my way to Luchesi.”

“Excuse me, sir.” Baby said.

“Yes, my dear child.” Amontillado said back.

“I’m sorry, but I was told that you have my friend’s puppy. We want it back now please.”

“Not now, child. I am busy. Now my dear Fortunato---“

“NO! You don’t understand we need that dog now not later.”

“If I give you the puppy will you go away and leave me alone.”

“Yes and you have to leave the puppies owner alone. Got it Mr. What Ever.”

Then the two men walked down into a cellar that had cement walls. Amontillado came back with a box that made a lot of weird sounds. He put it on the ground and a little puppy popped out. He had brown eyes and was brown with tin spots on him. The girls took the dog and left Amontillados house. They went to the car and drove back to the United States of America. When they got home it was close to the time they promised the guys they would meet.

“Ok, boy this is your time to shine. Hit me with your best shot.” RoseMarry said. The dog stared at her and stayed that way for a while. Then a pink ray came out of his eyes and shot RoseMarry. There was a big flash of light and then RoseMarry saw that she had a very pink dress on with lots of really good make up on too.

“My turn” said Baby. The same pink ray shot at Baby and the same thing happened. This time Baby’s dress was blue and pink. The girls were so happy. They went to the prom and had a great time.

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