The Dawn of Sunset Chapter 2

July 29, 2010
Gina and I kept talking the entire day. She was waiting for our sale at seven pm, and I was using her as an excuse to get away from the changing rooms. Hey, a customer was a customer.

Besides, the sale wasn’t exactly the only thing she was waiting for, and Gani always told me when she pretends to bump into a guy by accident she always has to be with someone else first. It was for social reasons or something, I don’t remember anymore. I had gotten used to helping her out with all her little boyfriends problems, me being the rough and sweet girl I am, and eventually just stopped questioning her plans and going with it. Actually, no, that’s kind of a lie. Sometimes I have to edge her along the right path using my own plans. It’s only because the girl has to learn everything doesn’t go as planned.

This was not one of those days, though. My part in her master plan was just to talk to her until she coincidentally bumps into the lavish Anthony, and he would use his French charm to ask her out, I was not expecting that ending, if allowed an opinion, but she seemed confident enough so I let her be. We chatted about regular girl stuff, like computers, video games and ipods. Haha, Gani is such a geek! She knows all the latest computer models out on the market mostly because her dad works in a company, but also because she likes listening to that kind of stuff. From there, she started talking to me about it, and well the trend stopped at me. When we’re talking about it, she always leaves me confused as hell. Of course, she’d never admit it to anyone but me, and when looking at her you could never tell. She was a gorgeously built tall blonde, with dark brown eyes bordering black. Her oval shaped head fit well with the side bangs on the right side of her face, pushed behind her ear by a cute blue barrette.

I’ve flipped through a Vogue magazine once, and found that Gani has worn just about every decent outfit in it. The only difference is she finds things cheap and modifies them for her own needs. Sometimes I do wonder why she’s in Valerie’s when she could just go to a thrift store and make a great dress for cheaper than what they sell here. But, she tells me she buys stiff here when she saves enough money, she tends to be lazy around the sewing machine. Mostly, she comes here to talk to me when she’s bored, but I don’t mention it since I don’t mind.

The video game part of the conversation always come from me. This started when I went down to the arcade in the mall near Valerie’s. The flashing lights and colors all around entranced me, and soon DDR became part of my daily routine. Suddenly, I heard about other games from the grape vine of guys there all the time. I started getting into all the games the guys at school play. Halo and Soul Calibur were my favorites, though Soul Calibur was so easy to make fun of. That was around the time Val and Gani. . . Trapped me, to say the least. “Honey, you if you talk like a guy, you should at least look like a girl!” Val told me, right before smearing some lipgloss on me, while Gani tore my too large shirt in half. They were rather forceful with my make over, but it was a success none the less haha.

This year I met more gaming pals then boyfriends through blind dates. Still, I liked my new look.

As for the rest of the conversation, the ipods were a rather girly talk indeed. Last Saturday, we bought some cute stickers and plastered them all over our ipods. However, the conversation ended with “Look he’s coming!” at that moment, because Anthony entered the store through the revolving glass door. The entire front part of the store was glass, except for the sign. It was Valerie’s idea to let people watch others enjoy themselves in our store, rather than just have mannequins on display. At first I thought this was a little creepy. It felt like someone was always watching me while I worked, other than Valerie. Still, it came in handy when Anthony appeared, walking towards the entrance. If the store wasn’t the way it was, Gani and I would’ve kept on talking our odd talk, and Anthony would have heard it all, since he always seems to be sneaking up on Gani. Her reputation would be ruined, and we can’t have that can we? Or, she couldn’t have that.

The second Anthony touched the door, our conversation was over, and we suddenly started on about the volleyball team. Aren’t they great? Much better than last year.

He walked up from behind, covering her eyes. She giggled as he asked “Guess who?” and she replied “Anthony?” While their palms magically found each other, the fingers intertwined.

From my perspective, this didn’t look like they bumped into each other by accident. It looked like a flat out date really, and already I was bored by the fake “I didn’t know you’d be here” words exchanged between the two. I wasted no time saying goodbye to Gina and being on my way back to the changing rooms. But in the middle of the walking away part, I turned to see the happy couple kissing, then staring at each other with that all-knowing glow of bliss. It made me smile with good wishes fro them, but maybe there was a hint of envy as well. This was regular to me, and I had been used to it. Gin’s taste in guys varied, but each time she got a boyfriend it was always the same. Somehow, she was always happy, and things in her life suddenly began to go good. At times, I just wonder what those boys did to make her life better, but I end up constantly going back to one memory in particular, and I stop my thoughts there. It doesn’t do well to think in the past.

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