July 21, 2010
OK i was messing with notes on my iphone and i started typing a story, some words might offend so please dont read if u get offended easly.it is Fiction i think its coming out good but im open to some ideas and pointers, thanks.

Chapter 1: Morning madness (working progress)

So here i am Alex Reed, laying in my full size bed next to my busted heater, which reminds me to get a new one with this weeks paycheck, next to that is my alarm and its telling me i woke up 15 min before the alarm goes off. ^Babe!!! Get ur lazy a** up^ (Thats Brenda. my 5'5 bundle of joy and pain)
+Im up. Now wheres my shirt im late for work. More importantly wheres my breakfast?+. Digging through my faded blue jean pockets and twiddling with the keys of my Black Honda Civic LX +Ahh i gotta go put some gas -_- +
Yawning i go to my bedroom closet door. How much i hate the brokin mirror on the closet door, reminding me every morning how much my life sucks. Living paycheck to pay check, learning new ways to cope with the latest economic crises the world is going through. The only thing keeping me kicking these's days are the two loves in my life. (three if u count my xbox 360). the first in that crazy pinkheaded girl in the kitchin scrambling eggs just the way i like them, and the other is parked neatly in the garage below my one bedroom apartment. +Found it+
-Was it in the closet where i put it-
=] thats my smart a** girl +Yup now if only i can find that man card u took from me 2 years back+
-Haha i dont think ur getting that back anytime soon butthead now get dressed ur already late for work. Dont forget to put gas in ur car sweet heart-
+ill try not to+ With the eggs in two slices of wonder bread and a kiss from B im out the door.

The air in Boston was cold and the sky looked kinda tired as i was. all i wanted to do was stay home. one thing i could always look forward to on my way to work is driving my car down the highway. God how i love it. One of the little joys of life i guess. Flipping through the dull radio station this city has to offer, i start to find my self pondering when the next Boston Celtics Basketball game was and if they won the last one agenst the Chi-Town bulls. Jack at work said it was one h*** of a game but i was so busy i forgot to ask him who won. I Come back to earth when i stumble across a chamillionar song. with my speakers bumping i stomp on the gas peddle and feel the potental energy of me and my baby rise. No other feeling like it if u ask me. i dont know if im just lucky or just to good cuz i havent gotten pulled over yet +Get out of my way u dam mini van+ ahh slow drivers are the worst....... With their slowness, I move to the next lane and speed past the minivan with ease. in my review mirror i see a soccor mom giving me the finger, i cant help but smile at that. i slow down as i come to a toll booth. "the government always have there hands in my pocket" my government teacher used to say, right before he gave me my test with a big F on it. i pull up to the tollbooth window and pay the 1.75$ and said that he could go **** himself and have a nice day. cant say im not polite.

the next 20 miles were uneventful which is good because i dont like surprises when im driving............

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