Mrs. Bieber

July 25, 2010
By AbstractArtist101 SILVER, Cedar Grove, New Jersey
AbstractArtist101 SILVER, Cedar Grove, New Jersey
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9:30 A.M—for the majority of girls giggling in their “Mrs. Bieber” caps, history is being made at Memorial Middle School. Here’s why—every year, my school takes part in a Thanksgiving food drive…however, this year, the incentive was that whichever school accumulated the most non-perishable goods would, unfortunately for me, be treated to an in-school concert by Justin Bieber, the new teen pop-singing sensation!

You can say, “sensation” is in the eye of the beholder. While some girls find him adorable as a Beanie Baby teddy bear, he just does not catch my eye at all. While some may consider his voice to be beautiful as a flowing river, I think he sounds like a girl, despite the fact that he is 15 years old and should have gone through puberty by now. In my opinion, it is ridiculous to be in love with someone who your chance of getting to know is less than your probability of being struck by lightning. Besides, his music does not appeal to me—I prefer classic rock.

Whether he appeals to me or not, it almost feels as if the seat of my skinny jeans is glued to my chair in the all-purpose room, which has now turned into a three-ring circus. As I glanced around the room, I saw that clusters of girls had banded together to make several homemade posters proclaiming their love for Justin. Some “romantic” phrases included, “Marry Me, Justin!” complete with a clumsily drawn engagement ring, or “We Love You, Justin!” with an abundance of red magic marker hearts. A few signs even displayed girls’ cell phone numbers and emails, with hopes for an incoming call or unread message waiting from their one “true love,” Justin Bieber. Next to me, a group of girls, tossing their straightened, blonde hair, were eagerly holding up their softball jerseys and a Sharpie marker, yearning for Justin Bieber’s autograph. They were desperate for him to write on anything—binders, pencil cases, even themselves! They’re already getting this crazy and the concert hasn’t even started! I don’t even want to know how they’ll be when he goes up there, I thought to myself.

The eager crowd suddenly fell to an abrupt silence as Dr. Neugebauer took the stage, wearing his usual navy blue suit and tie. “Good morning students,” he said, scratching his balding head. “Unfortunately, Justin has been delayed at the airport. Please keep in mind that we’re doing our best to make this event possible.”

Disappointed cries now filled the gym, causing our principal to cover his ears as he stepped down from the stage. One girl next to me pulled some tissues out of her pocket to dab her teary eyes. Protests of “Oh, no!” and tense murmurs about Justin possibly being threatened by terror attacks echoed throughout the room. Rolling my eyes at the unnecessary drama, I thought to myself, Everyone’s being so irrational—just because he’s delayed at the airport doesn’t mean that all these terrorists are attacking…

The tension in the room caused Mr. Llaneza, whose stressed face was red as the “Kool-Aid” kid, to blow his shrill whistle. Silence took over the crowd once again, and Dr. Neugebauer walked up to the stage with a tight smile.

“The limousine has made it to the parking lot, so as soon as Justin’s stage crew sets up the equipment, the concert will begin shortly,” he announced, much to my dismay.

Within seconds, the crowd came back to life, screaming as if they were baboons let loose at a zoo. This is certainly not the ideal way for me to spend my day, but hey, at least I get to skip gym class!

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Babylufin GOLD said...
on Aug. 12 2010 at 5:24 pm
Babylufin GOLD, Liberal, Missouri
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When I saw the title, I totally didn't expect this. I expected something about how a belittled 10 year old fell in love with Justin Bieber and married him and lived happily ever after.

I like this version better. Haha.

I really don't know much about Justin Bieber, other than he absolutely does sound like a girl.

I loved this. It was excellent.

At first, I thought this was a true story, and you were just sitting there, writing it as it happened. Did you? Haha. Because I would totally believe it.

Overall, I loved it, thought it was awesome. You sound cool. Lol.

Well, take a look at some of my work if you have the time? :) Please & thanks!

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