July for Me

July 25, 2010
By erikae GOLD, Brookfield, Wisconsin
erikae GOLD, Brookfield, Wisconsin
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So July 2010 may have been the best month of my life. Ok well there’s still a week left but so far. I’ve seen tons of my friends which makes me happy. And I’ve been like living at my best friend’s house which is fun. Getting the exercise walking there is a plus. Then there was that little thing we call Night Storm, the insane party. That’s where I met that other guy. From there he and I went out three times. He was sweet, and seemed into me. I got my first kiss ? yet something just wasn’t right. The night after the first date, you were in my dreams holding my waist, not him. You and I said nothing, you just held me close watching fireworks. Why?

There were a few other signs. Things just didn’t flow. I wanted so bad to be happy that I didn’t acknowledge this. That is, until yesterday when he told me it wouldn’t work out. When I wasn’t uber upset and sobbing, well that’s when I knew that truly all good. Now I’m being set up with his friend, not sure how that’s gonna go for me, but hey, well see.

Oh! Other good news, your best friend just asked mine out! That’s all my fault but they are good for each other. When I said she hated you, you said it was because of me. What’s that about? I have spent so much time telling people that you and I are ok and that they shouldn’t dislike you. Did I miss something that would make me hate you?

Look at this! Yesterday I was let down by a guy I could have really liked, and I’m still thinking about you! I don’t get it. I don’t want it either. I want to move on kid, but somehow we’ve become stuck in each other’s lives. I hope we can accept that someday.

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