The Year I Figured Out Vinny Boldin

July 23, 2010
By ablonda GOLD, Stafford Springs, Connecticut
ablonda GOLD, Stafford Springs, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
Do what makes you happy
Be with who makes you smile
Laugh as much as you breathe
Love as long as you live

~Author Unknown~

“I don’t say that to girls I hook up with. And I have only hooked up with a few. You are the one girl I honestly like you, I wouldn’t lie about something like this. Ok?” he said. I pondered this for a second and then with a slight grin,” Ok. I believe you.” A smile lit up across his face and he looked like the happiest person in the world. “ I’m really glad I decided to talk to you. You actually seem to listen even if you don’t always agree with what I have to say. So where would you like to go out to eat? We can go anywhere you like. Your choice.,” he said with a full smile spread across his cheeks. “ How about this, we go and get some Subway, and eat it at the beach. Would that be ok? Then both of our deals come into one and you can ask me all the questions you like,” I stated with a slight hint of flirt to it. “ That sounds perfect. Subway and the beach it is.”

After we got our food, we arrived at the beach shortly after. We sat on the hood of the car and watched the waves drift up onto the sand and smoothly drift off again. The way the moon was reflecting off of the water made the moment even more special. The questions he asked were truly just honest questions that he wanted to know about me. They weren’t anything perverted like I would have expected. After I began to actually get to know him I realized he wasn’t that bad of a guy. He just had a lot of horrible past relationships. That was one thing we could connect on. Honestly, we weren’t that different from each other. Towards the end, the one thing I had hoped wouldn’t come up did. “ So are you a Christian? Cause I have heard around that you are and I would like to know for myself the real answer. “ To be honest, I don’t really tell people this, but yeah. I am a Christian. So if you don’t want to talk to me, tell me now and I will get a ride home,” I said feeling a little down. “What are you talking about? Why would that make me feel any differently about you? To be completely honest with you, I am too. But you are the only person I have told. I haven’t told anyone else cause they would judge me by it. But I know you wont that is why I’m only telling you.

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