July 27, 2010
By AnyseCruorem SILVER, La Habra, California
AnyseCruorem SILVER, La Habra, California
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"Love is love which alters when it alteration finds"
-William Shakespeare

She closed her eyes and breathed in a deep sigh of flowers. Lilacs, she smelled. It was lilacs. Roses too. Her eyebrows rose as she brought in another deep breath of foliage and floral scents. Beautiful, she thought to herself. Beautiful. She opened her eyes, blue streaked through with an uncanny white, as she breathed in again, and the garden left her at a loss. Vines climbed up a tree to her right, beautiful morning glories blooming a light, lush purple speckled with blue in the center. She observed a bud open slowly, so slowly. She touched the edge of the petal. Silky, so very silky. Almost velvety, even. Her fingers trailed down the vine, feeling the soft hairs along the outer skin of the vine. Beautiful, she thought to herself. Beautiful. Before her were roses. Red roses towered above, overpowering the white, pink, and yellow roses. The deep red commanded the attention, demanding some sort of recognition. Look at me, it seemed to say. Am I not beautiful? it asked her. Another sigh escaped her lips. It was quite beautiful, after all. Beyond lay a valley that stretched and rolled as far as her eyes could see. She smiled softly in sheer bliss. Past the last roll of royal greenery, the sun smiled at her, casting warm rays before it decided to set. Beautiful, she thought to herself. Beautiful. To her left was a path that led into a small forest. The path was cobblestone, of a tan and light brown color. The stones were placed just so, that little sprouts of grass sprung up in between them. She followed the path of stones with her eyes to guide her mind deep into the tiny forest. It was where her parents had gotten married. Her face turned to the sun, the rays playfully teasing her skin with the last rays of warmth it could give her. A small breeze drifted by, disturbing her soft brown curls that floated beside her face for a moment, dancing beside the blue of her eyes. Her lips parted in awe of the garden, the bliss wrapping around her like a blanket, as her eyes closed once again.

The author's comments:
sheer bliss...

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