Surviving Love & War...Chapter 3 (Part 2)

July 31, 2010
By EllenP. SILVER, Dededo, Guam, Other
EllenP. SILVER, Dededo, Guam, Other
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Favorite Quote:
not actually a quote but it was said in Degrassi by Johny...
"It may not have been my first time, but it was my first time doing it with someone i like"

Chapter 3 (Part 2)
"Big Blue Eyes Of Yours"

It’s been a week after me and Danny kissed. I still remember the feeling of him kissing me. I wasn’t sure if he likes me back; well he kissed me back so I think I might have a shot. We also haven’t been talking which makes it weird because were bestfriends. I started feeling a bit down. I was afraid that the kiss might have freaked him out, or that he didn’t want to kiss me back. Does he only think of me as a friend? Does he like me back?

I sat alone in lunch for 1 week. It terrifies me that he might never want to talk to me. I saw about to throw my tray out when he arrived.
“Can I talk to you?” he asked.
“Sure, what do you wanna talk about?” I asked back.
“About what happened.” He said.
“If you didn’t mean to kiss me back, it’s okay. I get it, you don’t like me too. But don’t just ignore me. You’re my bestfriend.” I said.
“I like you Suzie. I didn’t talk to you because I was scared that you might not go out with me. I know we’ve been bestfriends since grade 4 and ever since grade 4 I’ve already liked you.” He explained.
“Wait!!! Are you asking me out? Because that’s what I heard from what you said.” I said with a huge smile on my face. I blushed until he nodded making it as a yes.
He took my hand and said “Who knew us bestfriends would be the perfect couple.” What he just said made me feel special. I leaned toward him and gave him a kiss. It was the most amazing kiss I ever had. I felt the feeling of spark and that we would last together forever.

We’ve been together for almost 6 months. 6 months filled with love and an amazing relationship. He called every night to make me remember the pills I was going to drink; he definitely had my father’s vote. I saw feeling sad the next day because Danny was going to Iceland to visit his grandparents. He was going to be gone for 2 whole weeks. What am I gonna do without him? Ever since Danny became my boyfriend I only hang out with him, no one else. We were together 24/7.

I decided to make new friends. I wanted to surprise Danny by joining the cheerleading squad. But, first I had to audition. I know it’s sort of not my thing but I knew that Danny would be so happy to see me in a cheerleading uniform. I so totally nailed the audition. I worked hard on it. Some of the cheerleaders and me started hanging out. I thought cheerleaders were snobby and mean, but they weren’t; they were really cool and nice.

I started hanging out with Shawn. He was the head cheerleader; who could believe that a guy would be our head cheerleader and not a girl. The couch did say that he was the best and the other cheerleaders really respected him. I told him about my lung cancer; he felt really sorry for me and said that he would take it easy on me during practice.

The 2 weeks was finally over. I went to the airport with my Dad to pick up Danny and his parents. I couldn’t wait to see him. My Dad and I waited for 2 hours at the airport. I even fell asleep.
“Suzie!!!” he yelled. I ran toward him and jumped on him. I hugged him so tightly he said “Okay Sweetie that’s enough, love hurts you know.” It made me giggle and laugh at the same time.
“I missed you so much.” I yelled.
“I missed you too Sweetie, and I have a surprise gift for you.” He said.
“Really you do? Well I have a surprise for you too.” I took off my jacket and (he was wondering why I was taking it off) I showed him the cheerleading uniform.
“I’m a cheerleader!” I yelled.
“You are? That’s amazing and by the way you look really cute in that cheerleading uniform.” He said.
“I knew you were gonna say that.” I said with a cute smile on my face.
“So I guess I’m gonna be seeing you in all my volleyball games Cheerleader.” He demanded.

We all got home. Danny’s parents rested in our house first before they went to their house. Danny and I decided to walk on the park while drinking coffee.
“I really missed you. 2 weeks without you was really lonely.” I said.
“I missed you more.” He smiled. He took something out his pocket. He showed me a necklace that had diamonds all around it, and gold. “Wow” was my exact word. “I know right. This was my grandmother’s necklace. She gave it to me and she said to give to the girl that I want to spend my whole life with. The one that was special to me.” I was surprised by all the things he said. He went behind me and he put the necklace on me.
“Wow, this is all so beautiful. I love it.” I said.
“I love you Suzie.” He said. I was surprised by what he said. It was the first time a guy said I love you to me; even Jimmy never said I love you to me.
I smiled, blushed and said “I love you to Danny.” He hugged me so tightly I couldn’t breathe. He was scared that I wouldn’t say it back but I did because I really do love him.

The author's comments:
I love you Suzie...
I love you too Danny...

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EllenP. SILVER said...
on Aug. 3 2010 at 9:45 pm
EllenP. SILVER, Dededo, Guam, Other
6 articles 1 photo 17 comments

Favorite Quote:
not actually a quote but it was said in Degrassi by Johny...
"It may not have been my first time, but it was my first time doing it with someone i like"

thankxx... right now i'm working on Chapter 4... stay tuned. =)

on Aug. 3 2010 at 8:52 pm
beautifulworld SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
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What's the point i wearing my favorite rocket ship underpants if no one asks to see them? -Calvin and Hobbes

Wow, absolutely amazing!! I really hope that you write another chapter!!!


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