July 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Pain. What a wonderfully, dreadful thing. It eats you from the inside out. Killing me softly, slowly. All pain is caused by something, someone. Sometimes it's all you want to feel. Sometimes any other emotion is too much to bare. Too much to take. And LOVE, of all is the most over-baring of all. It makes you want to crawl in a hole and die, but at the same it makes you want to rejoice. But pain because to love is like dying from the most inner part of you being to the outside. Pain from razors seem to help the emotional pain but it just numbs it. Nothing ever helps. Nothing EVER will. Just as you think that hole in your chest is about to close, something or SOMEONE rips it back open. Even farther than before. Razors only make scars. Scars are only a constant reminder of the past. And where you can go. But you go nowhere without pain. Physical pain. EMOTIONAL pain. People come. People go. People die. They leave tracks across your heart, mind and soul. Nothing can change the relentlessness of life. Live with it. Live with the PAIN. It could take you far. They say Pain will make you stronger. Time will tell. But time is the enemy. The effortless, destructive enemy. Time will go on longer than the world. Time doesn't stop. RELENTLESS! Relentless beyond compare. Nothing will out last time. Time and the black abyss of space are infinite. Fate. Fate will tell you how much time you will have to make an impact on the world. Fate will tell how much pain you will go through. Pain can weaken you to the point of no return. Death. Death is the end of pain. No more suffering. Darkness. Some say there's an afterlife. But THEY don't know. No one does. It could be LOVE. It could be PAIN. It could be complete and TOTAL. NOTHINGNESS. BLANKNESS.

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