Technicolored Darkness

July 8, 2010
Placing darkness in a bowl of living light, Seeing the colors of life and death, Seeing someone's birth, Seeing someone's last breath, Finding absolutions, Finding dreams, Finding love, Will it happen? Or will you fall into technicolored darkness. Kindness will make the sun shine and make the darkness fade and resorting to resentment will only bring hate, resorting to destruction will bring only destruction, resorting to violence will only bring violence, resorting to love will bring love to all, to the world, to you. So with love the world is technicolored. without love the world is dark. And as a member of a castaway society, As a member of a dramatazation, As a member of this life, Will it be with the pain, Will it be worth all that we apply in this life and all that we will apply in the future. Will it be worth staying? As the future grows brighter, So does lifes one true feeling, Love Love grows like a young tree blossoming into a life of skylit branches and colored leaves, All which is needed to say, is love grows day by day. But then it will eventully go away and never come back.
For love is just technicolored darkness.

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