I am a soldier

July 18, 2010
By Sarcasmohjoy BRONZE, Joshua, Texas
Sarcasmohjoy BRONZE, Joshua, Texas
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Cap, secure on my head. I don’t dare move it but I had a mega itch on my head. I keep on walking and try and ignore it. I’m sweating profusely but my t-shirt is soaking it all up. I’m out here in the blazing summer heat in long sleeves and combat boots. I can just imagine being poolside back home, it’d be nice. But I’m fighting for everyone else’s freedom to relax by their pools. I’m a soldier, I’m fighting for you.

I heard on the news again that there was a big protest about the war. These people don’t get why we’re here. If it weren’t for us they wouldn’t even have the freedom to protest the stupid war. Yes, it’s stupid. But what are they doing for the country? Sitting at home on their asses? I’m a soldier, I’m fighting for you.

It’s time for patrol, so we get our gear on and get moving. I load up with some of my best buddies and turn on our boom box. It’s nice to relax to Lady Gaga – even though it’s just our secret. No air conditioning, it’s burning up in here. But I remember that we’re fighting for everyone with air conditioning cars. I remember my mustang back home. I’m a soldier, I’m fighting for you.

I hear a loud bang, the guy driving curses and swerves the vehicle. I see fire all around me, hear some of my buddies screaming. I see civilians outside screaming too, a child is hurt. Instinctively, I dash out of the vehicle and rush to the child’s side. They’re crying, scared, but I do my best to tend to their wounds, just as I would my own child. I’m a soldier, I’m fighting for you.

I hear a loud pop and feel a rush of pain in my chest. Another pop and my vision goes white. I put my hand to my head and feel the ooze of blood. ****, I’m not ready for this. Someone help! Please, I’m not ready…Wait, yes I am. This is what this is all about. This is what I was prepared for. I feel for my pulse and it’s weakening – the second bullet must’ve hit my heart. I smile and slowly move my hand up to salute. I’m a soldier, and I died for you.

And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country. – John F. Kennedy

The author's comments:
Inspired by a JFK quote.

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