July 20, 2010
By CoriLynnLove BRONZE, Le Roy, New York
CoriLynnLove BRONZE, Le Roy, New York
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If you can't top it, laugh at it.
If you can't laugh at it, you probably deserved it.

The rain is coming down harder now, pounding against the house. It is sturdy and tough; the adults know that but the child is still scared. She asks for an apple cut into pieces and dipped in creamy peanut butter; the tasty snack is her comfort food. She sits on the ledge of the window, patiently waiting, which is so unlikely of a child to do. She watches the raindrops slide quickly down the outside of the window, almost as if they are in a race. She places her tiny hand up against the window to find that she cannot touch the raindrops. She longs to feel the cool splashes of rain against her skin. She continues to intently watch the raindrops slide down the window when something suddenly catches her eye. She glances around the yard and sees a bright pink hat flying through the air. She watches it twirl round and round before she realizes that the bright pink hat is hers. She calls out to her father and points toward the swirl of pink amidst the rain. He begins to shake his head but then she starts to pout. Her father happens to be a complete sucker for adorable little girls. Before he goes out the sliding glass door, he salutes her and she lets out a giggle. At the sound of such a delightful noise her mother walks into the kitchen. She peers out the window to see what appears to be her husband chasing a pink blob around their yard. She laughs and wraps her arms around her daughter, so small and fragile, as they continue to watch the show. The little girl fits just right into her mother’s warm embrace. They keep watching as Daddy continues to follow the hat around. After a few moments, another person joins him. The neighbor nearly runs into Daddy right before the hat slips out of his grasp. After a few more minutes of the amusing dance, the men trudge into the kitchen, completely soaked from the rain. Daddy's face lights up with a grin as he holds up his right arm, the hat in his hand. Attached to the hat is a broken clothespin. The little girl proudly places the wet hat on her head, broken clothespin and all. The smile upon the little girls face: priceless.

The author's comments:
What comes to your mind when you think of these things?: Apple, rain, child, 3 adults, clothespin, hat.

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