Watching Yu

July 20, 2010
By Itami4Now SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
Itami4Now SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
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It had been second semester in fifth grade when he'd first met Yu. The weather was still cold from the winter months and he'd barely wanted to drag himself out of bed and go to school that day, but he knew if he didn't go he'd get in trouble. So he pulled himself out of the bed and stumbled into the shower, still half asleep. He arrived to school just barely on time and had placed his head on his desk, hoping to catch a few minutes sleep before class started. Everyone was hyper and cherry around him, discussing all the fun things they had done over winter break. Finally the teacher gained control over her class and lesson began. He was too tired to even pull his head off his desk in order to pay attention to the reviewing of what had been cover before break. He yawned and just wanted to go back to sleep.

The sound of the door opening registered somewhere in the back of his mind and timid footsteps resonated trough the quiet class, he lacked the strength to look and see who had entered. The teacher's voice rang trough the class, "Everyone we have a new student. His name is Yu Yamato and he just moved here from the Kanto Region of Japan, I hope you all will make him feel welcome." He didn't even look up to gape at the foreigner like the rest of his class. He could barely open his eyes at this point, he just wanted to sleep. "You can take the empty desk right over there." the teacher said. He heard those same timid footsteps approaching him, stopping on desk in front of and to the right of his. With a great deal of effort and turned his head and watched as the new student set down

Yu was a small boy with porcelain white skin, and ink black hair cut in a short style around his ears. He watched as the new student nervously took out a notebook to take notes over the lesson that the teacher had continued. He reached in his bag to take out a pencil, but his nervous hands trembled and the writing instrument slipped from his grasp and rolled across the floor. Yu turned and followed the pencil with his eyes, as he watched on his head still against the desk. The Japanese boy slowly bent over and picked up the pencil in his almost feminine small hand, sending a quick look in his direction before turning back around to his notes. He watched all of this, the new boy seemed to have his own type of beauty and a presence that demanded attention. From that moment on, he always seemed to be watching Yu.

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