The End: Chap 1

July 5, 2010
By CourtneyLou BRONZE, SLIDELL, Louisiana
CourtneyLou BRONZE, SLIDELL, Louisiana
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Some would rather be miserable then risk being happy ~Robert Anthony

Slowly drownding emerged in sorrow I wach the sunlight dissapear to nothing but a thing of the past. As i sink deeper and deeper I wander why my knight in shining armor hadn't wrapped me in his arms and kissed my tears away telling me I'm to beautiful and precious to him, his life just wouldnt be the same without me. Aren't I supposed to have some kind of flashback or burst of hope and start racing toward the surface, relizing I'm to important to leave yet here I lie breathless, coming closer and closer to the end. There is know hero to lift me from the darkness and carry me off into the sunlight wanting nothing in return but ME forever by his side loving him unconditionally. No one knows of what I've done by the time they've found me I will be over and done with. Why hadn't anyone stopped me? hadn't anyone seen me for what I really was? I thought for shure at the last second someone would come rushing to my side telling my I mean somthing to them and everyone would miss me horribly, Things just wouldnt be the same without me. But there I stood alone, No prince embracing me, No friend telling me how much they needed me, Not even a strangers hand in help. The last seconds I stood on that pebbly bridge, I stared nothing but the cold truth in it's eyes. No one was coming. So there I stood and took my last breath of life. Then with my tired tear stained body I fell excpecting for shure this time my knight to catch me. All that I felt was my fragile defencless body hitting what felt like concrete. This was it there was no turning back now. All there was to do was wait, wait hoplessly and wach all my family and friends fade from my life forever..

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