in rubble

July 19, 2010
By willwiso BRONZE, San Diego, California
willwiso BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Chapter I: boy 10:45 am
“It’s been a hard day’s night and I been work-” the radio just gave static but sometimes I could make out songs but I didn’t understand every word my English is still broken. I like to lie on my cot and wonder what it would be like to live in a country like America, and have the amazing social skills like, like a king that’s what I was doing when. CRASH! I jumped out of the way as the wall of my shack fell on my cot. I saw an American truck drive away I would have to go to the plaza to get someone to help me put it back up.

Chapter II: soldier 10:45 am
“Like a dog but when I-”
“Shut that hippy crap off!” yelled my sergeant I switched to police radio when a dog ran in front of the truck. I swerved out of control and winged a shack time slowed down, I looked to my left as the wall fell down I saw a small boy in side staring at me, in that moment my whole child hood flashed before my eyes. I just ignored it and kept driving.

Chapter III: shop keeper 10:48 am
Comb back my hair and look at my sexy self in the mirror “oh sh-” I was cut off because the door to my bath room swung open “hey you ready for our date tonight” my ex-wife walked in
“Yup I’m winning you back!” I tried to hide the zit I had found on my face a couple of seconds ago
“Ok I’m ganna go freshen up some more” she walked into the other room
“Great, I’m heading over to the store really quick.” If I don’t get rid of this zit she’ll never take me back I thought to myself. I left my shop and went into the plaza. I was half way to the store that sells the ointment for zits when I saw a man with a large puffy jacket. I thought I saw a small cord hanging from it but my eyes were diverted because a small boy walked up to me
“um, sir, uh, can you help me I uh,” the boy stuttered “my, uh wall fell down and uh, I have money, so I was wondering if you could help, uh, help me put it back up.”
“I-I’m sorry I can’t right now I have to deal with something.” I felt bad rejecting him but I had to get to that store so the ointment had time to work its magic. I looked back up into the crowd to try and find the man in the puffy jacket there next to the ointment store. “Crap I don’t want to walk by him.” I thought to myself out loud.
“I-I’m sorry what?” asked the boy
Chapter IV: boy 10:50 am
I waited for a reply from the man from the shop but nothing. I looked away from him and saw a man with a large puffy jacket. I recognized the jacket from an American magazine that a soldier gave to me. I think the jacket was called a “snow gear” or something. Why would he wear a jacket so big in this burning weather I thought to myself as The man from the shop grabbed me and started to pull me away I struggled but then I noticed the man in the puffy jacket was screaming and crying then he pulled a cord out of his jacket the man from the shop tackled me. I shut my eyes as tight as I could, and I heard a large bang followed by a high pitched ringing then, nothing...

Chapter V: soldier 10:50 am
Smoked filled the air I swerved out of control. We jumped out of the truck at full alert, our guns waving back and forth trying to figure out what happened. “The plaza!” yelled another private
“Let’s go!” my sergeant jumped into the truck I followed and drove as fast as I could in the smoke. When we got to the plaza it was all rubble except for a small wall left standing alone. I ran on to what was once the plaza the one thing the villagers’ had in this crap hole of a town, I frantically started to pull on the rocks trying to find survivors my sergeant pulled me off and screamed at me to calm down then he pulled out his radio and announced “I got a 10:47 at the plaza, request a search and rescue team.”
“10:4 a chopper is on its way” replied the radio

Chapter VI: boy’s dream time unknown
Falling into a black pit it was endless, so horrible, just nothing...

Chapter VII: shop keeper 10:55
Light slowly faded in as my eyes opened. I could see the dust particles floating in the air while my sight slowly unblurred, once I started to realize what was going on I gasped for air but each time I inhaled I filled my lungs with ashes I quickly jumped off the rock that was jabbing into my back and I almost hit my head on the rubble above me. I saw a small boy laying on the ground blood dripped down his face. I sat down to try and figure out what was going on I checked my watch and freaked the last time I checked the time was... “Good night honey” I said to my lovely wife
“Good night” I sat down on the bed and checked the alarm clock it said 11:44 2/05/2010. I quickly jumped out of my flash back because my watch had said 10:55 2/22/2011 what happened!

Chapter VIII: boys dream time unknown
Finally I landed but where am I? I looked around and saw weird trees that were as tall as the “sky-scrapers of New York” that I read about or the “Eiffel tower of Paris”. Then I saw a beautiful girl I started walking up to her hoping I wouldn’t stutter when I tried to ask her out, we locked eyes she walked towards me so gracefully when we got close enough she grabbed me I pushed her away because I didn’t want to go that fast but all she wanted was the money in my pouch. She took it and ran I chased after her screaming “hey! I need that money! Stop! Give it back!!” she ran into this deep jungle I followed hoping that I wouldn’t get lost in it but then she jumped over a log and I tripped on it. When I got back up she was gone I looked around and I had no idea where I was I started to run but I just kept falling it felt like someone was shaking me.

Chapter IX: shop keeper 10:56 am
“Wake up wake up!” I shook the boy, maybe he can help me figure out what happened, I thought to myself.
“aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!” he screamed and sat up. He wiped the half dried blood off his face and stared at it "WH-where am I!” his voice slowly got louder “what’s going on!!” he started to yell “why did you grab me?!?! And who are you?!?!”
“Whoa slow down, I know just as much as you do about what’s happening.” I tried to calm him down.

Chapter X: soldier 10:56 am
I sat in the truck with the air conditioning on high attempting to cool off “hey! Get over here and help us move this rock!” my sergeant yelled at me. I got up, put my sun glasses on and walked over to help. The search and rescue chopper flew over head. “Thank god.” I exclaimed

Chapter XI: shop keeper 12:05 am
It feels like we’ve been down here for years, but this kid has really helped with the boredom and he helped me remember a lot of what happened. He said he thinks I have amnesia, I agree but I just don’t get how someone can lose a year of their life just like that, at the snap of a finger. “Hey, can you hear that! There’s someone out there!”

Chapter XII: boy 10:58
I can’t take this anymore, no one is coming for us we’re stranded unless we get out I’ll be a hero if I can get us out “we’re getting out of here right now!” I got up and started to pull on the rocks around us maybe I can dig a hole so we can crawl out. I heard a loud sound come from the rubble above us the shop keeper jumped up and pulled me away the roof where I was caved in, he saved my life

Chapter XIII: shop keeper 12:32 am
I sat in the back of the ambulance with a blanket around me I was trying to stop crying I just kept thinking about what happened, I just kept thinking why, why not me. The doctor said my amnesia is reversible but honestly I wanted to get it again so I could forget what happened today.

Chapter XIV: boy 12:06 am
“Help!” I screamed to the people outside “Help us! We’re trapped down here!” the rubble made the sound it had made before when I was digging rocks started to fall and the air turned into a dust cloud.

Chapter XV shop keeper 12:34 am
A man ran up to the American soldiers on patrol screaming “what happened to my son?!?! Where is he!” the officer walked up to him and started explaining something to him. I couldn’t tell what because they were too far away, but the man started crying and he sat sown on the ground. “He was probably the boy’s dad” I thought to myself.

Chapter XVI: soldier 12:06 am
“Help us!” the rubble screamed at me to dig faster “we’re down here!” I heard a loud sound, it was the wall that was left standing after the explosion it started to fall. “Get out of the way! Go, go, go!” yelled someone from the search and rescue team. Once we got out of the way, the wall came down right where the people were trapped.

Chapter XVII: shop keeper 12:07 am
“No!” I screamed as the ceiling above the boy fell, I could feel his blood on my face but it was quickly cleaned off by tears. Then light showered in and a soldier dragged me out, I kicked and screamed “no, we have to go back he’s still in there!” I heard faint screams come from the rubble but it was too late.

Chapter XVIII: man in a puffy jacket 10:50 am
I screamed and cried “I’m sorry; I don’t want to do this!” I hesitated to pull the cord but then I thought of my wife and kids they were going to kill them if I don’t do this... I pulled it, then black...

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