Teen Love Gone Wrong

July 19, 2010
By Rachel Martin BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Rachel Martin BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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7/02/10 – MySpace blog post
I will never forget the moment I met him. Tall, blonde and smiling at me. At me! Chubby, freckle-faced me! I just started my first job at this place, and I never expected that this really cute guy would be looking at ME! Ok, be calm, I tell myself. Play it cool. He asks me out, I say “uuuummmm ya, that would be nice.”
Fast forward six months. Mr. Almost Perfect and I have been inseparable since our first night out at the movies. He kissed me goodnight, fireworks went off, and now we are together all the time. He comes over and hangs out at my apartment with my dad and I, he even helped us move into this place. Things have been getting weird though. I have had to throw out some of my favorite clothes. He doesn’t like me wearing revealing stuff in public because the other guys will check me out. I stopped hanging out with Kristin and Amber because they were trying to steal him away from me. They always told me he was controlling or whatever, but I knew they were just lying to get him away from me. Kristin has never had a boyfriend and Amber just broke up with hers, so it was obvious they wanted him all to themselves.
OK so he pushes me a little bit sometimes, but it’s my fault. He told me a good girlfriend lets her boyfriend go through her phone, so I did because I would never cheat on him, but he found a text from my friend John. John and I have been friends forever and he keeps texting me because we don’t talk anymore, but Mr. Almost Perfect found the texts and said that was as good as cheating. He lost control and I got a black eye, but it was my fault for talking to John.
7/10/10 – MySpace blog post
Hello friends of Katrina,
As some of you may already know, Katrina is in the hospital. She suffered an attack from her boyfriend Luis, known in her blog as Mr. Almost Perfect, that left her unconscious and with internal bleeding. I wanted to post this information here, for all of you that read her blog, so that you will understand the dangers of an abusive relationship. Yes, Luis said he loved my daughter, but he used that as a way to control her. He told her what to wear, what to listen to, even what to eat. He convinced her to turn her back on her friends, her schoolwork and her family. Her step-father and I tried to get Katrina to leave Luis dozens of times but she refused. He completely brainwashed her. Please let the trauma my daughter suffered serve as a warning to all of the young ladies out there reading this right now. Do not allow yourself to spiral into the dark hole I found my daughter in. If you can relate to the details my daughter described in her last post, like the control over clothes and text messages or the physical abuse, get out of the relationship. Find someone you can trust and confide in them, allow yourself to get help. Please let what happened to Katrina show you the dangers of unhealthy relationships, and be safe.

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