Surviving Love & War...Chapter 1

July 23, 2010
By EllenP. SILVER, Dededo, Guam, Other
EllenP. SILVER, Dededo, Guam, Other
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Favorite Quote:
not actually a quote but it was said in Degrassi by Johny...
"It may not have been my first time, but it was my first time doing it with someone i like"

CHapter 1: Finding Out the Truth

My name is Suzie. Suzie Fender. I was born in a small city called Hassle City. Population: 7,778. Soon to be 7,777. To me life is just so simple, there’s nothing special about it, and that everybody has the same life. I walk on one side of the road with my boyfriend heading to school; learn something to make school useful, and then walk back home. I guess I was wrong; everybody does have something different about their life. I guess I was the one who was different.

Last week I was feeling pain in my chest and in my stomach. I didn’t take the pain seriously because I thought it was no big deal. The pain continued for almost a week. My dad noticed that I wasn’t feeling okay, that there might be something wrong with me.
“Honey is there anything wrong?” my dad asked.
“There's nothing wrong Dad. My stomach is just hurting again.” I said.
“Do you want to go to the Doctor tomorrow? I can get you an appointment right away.”
“Sure Dad”

Eventually “tomorrow” came. It was finally the day I go to the Doctor. I wasn’t expecting bad stuff; I just wanted what was wrong with me. I went inside a bright room; there I saw the Doctor and a bunch of medical stuff around. I sat down in a white chair, not thinking of anything. The doctor asked me a few question about how I was feeling.
“So dear, how long have you been feeling chest pain and stomach pain?”
“Maybe about a week already”
“I see. We’re going to have to get a few blood samples and an x-ray to see what’s wrong. Is that okay with you?” the doctor asked.
I looked at my dad without saying anything. Then he said to the doctor “Yes that would be okay. Are you going to do it now?”
“Yes Sir. Right this way Ms. Fender.”

I and the Doctor headed to another room while my Dad waited outside the room. I closed my eyes as soon as the doctor struck a needle in my arm. I couldn’t look at my arm losing blood. I can’t see it but I could feel the blood flowing in my arm. I was getting a bit weak as I was losing blood. Finally it stopped. I guess the Doctor already got enough blood for the testing, and now the x-ray. The Doctor made me lay down is “some kind of mat” he told me to close my eyes as soon as a bright light flashes. I closed my eyes, having the feeling that it captured my whole body. I stood up as soon as it was finished; the doctor told me that I would get my results within 24 hours. I and my Dad decided to get some ice cream. Now, I couldn’t stop thinking what my results might be. I wanted to cry but I also wanted to be brave. My dad could see it in my eyes that I was filled with fear.
“Look Honey, whatever the Doctor says tomorrow we’re going to fix it. Don’t worry okay.” My dad said with confidence.

I nodded without saying a thing. My dad and me walked back home; it was awkward because neither of us said a word on our way home. As we arrived I went straight to my room. I closed my eyes forcing myself to sleep but I couldn’t. My eyes started tearing up remembering how my mother died with cancer. I remember how I saw my mother feeling the pain and suffering everything when I was 12 years old. It’s been 4 years since she died but, every day I feel like she died yesterday. I broke down when she passed away. I don’t want to suffer the same pain she did, and I especially don’t want my dad to see me suffer. As I opened my eyes I noticed it was already morning, realizing that it was finally the day I get my results. I didn’t get much sleep, my eyes we’re all red from the crying last night. I headed downstairs for some breakfast wondering what my dad cooked and as usual eggs and bacon; that’s all he cooked for breakfast for the past 3 years.
“So are you doing okay?” my dad was wondering.
“I’m okay dad.” Even thou I wasn’t.
“Now go get ready because we’re going to get your results.”
“Yeah, just give me 15 minutes.”

On our way to the hospital I was already worried. My knees we’re shaking, and my heart was pounding so fast. As soon as I got out of the car I couldn’t make another move. I feel like my foot was glued in the ground. I was terrified to go inside the hospital.
“It’s okay Honey, let’s go. Don’t be scared; whatever the Doctor says it’ll be alright. We’ll try to fix it.”

Eventually my Dad gave me the confidence and courage to walk inside the hospital. But as we we’re walking through the hallways of the hospital I saw so many patients in wheelchairs looking so pale; which made me remember how my mom looked 4 years ago. I sat down waiting for the Doctor to call me. Seeing other sick people sit right next to me made me feel sick, I wanted to throw up. I began inhaling and exhaling very fast as if I just finished running 5 miles. I was about to stand up and leave but the Doctor suddenly called my name. I went inside his office with my Dad, wondering what the results were.
“So I have good news and bad news.” The Doctor said.
“Oh” I said with fear inside and outside of me.
“Well the bad news is you have Lung Cancer. “

My eyes started tearing up; my heart was pounding so fast I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t want to cry but as I closed my eyes water suddenly was sliding down my eyes.
“And the good news is?” I said with tears.
“The good news is you can recover very quickly. You just need to exercise daily, maintain your body right, and drink your medication on the right time and everything just might turn out well.” The doctor explained.

As the Doctor continued explaining the medication that I would take, I finally calmed down as he said that there might be possibilities that I would get better. Me and my dad headed back home. The phone beeped letting us know that there was a call. It was my principal who called; she was wondering why I was absent for two days. After the call from my principal I just realized that I have no idea how I was going to tell my boyfriend Jimmy, my friends, and some of my relatives that I have cancer.

My boyfriends’ name is Jimmy. I first met him when I was 14 years old studying at Winterview High School. He was in my Science class; I would blush every time he would talk to me, even if he’s just borrowing a pen. I would describe Jimmy as cute, has a great sense of humor, sensitive, smart, and it doesn’t matter to me but he’s also rich. Everybody has a crush on him. They also say that he’s the total package, I can’t argue with that because he is. Sure I have a crush on him but, I’m not like those girls who flirt with him all the time. I don’t drop my books on purpose so that he would help me carry it or dress up like a Barbie doll just to impress him. One day when I was walking on the hallways headed to my Algebra class he passed by, smiled at me, and then winked. Inside of me I was like “omg, he just winked at me” but, outside of me I was cool about it, I just smiled back. The next day he sat down next to me during lunch. That’s where he was going to ask me out.
“Hi Suzie” said Jimmy.
“Hey, how’s it going?” I asked.
“I’m doing okay. You?” he asked back.
“I’m doing okay too. So, what brings you here?” I asked politely.
“Uhmm… I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me this Saturday, maybe we could watch the new movie Letters to Juliet? Only if you want to.” he asked so nervously.
I was speechless all of a sudden. Not knowing what to say. Well of course I’m going to say YES I just didn’t know how to say it without shouting.
“Yeah, I’d love to” I said without shouting. I felt so bad for all the other girls who liked him. Well not really.
“Cool, see you at the mall at 3pm.” he said with a huge smile on his face.
“Yeah, I’ll be there.”

He finally left the table. After he was gone I waited for him to walk a few more steps, after that, I shouted “Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” My friends told me to calm down but I couldn’t. I couldn’t stop smiling; this was probably one of the best days of my life.
“What do you see in that guy anyway? Half of the girls in the freshman class like him, and one of those girls include you. He’s just another player.” My bestfriend Danny said.
“What do I see in him?! Are you crazy?! I’ve had a crush on that guy for 2 months. 2 f***ing months! It’s about time he asks me out Danny” I explained.
He sighed.
Danny has been my best friend since I was grade 4. He’s been with me through everything. I love him like super. It’s Saturday; the day where I would watch a movie with Jimmy. It was the most exciting day of my life. I was feeling so nervous, I couldn’t breathe. There I saw him waiting for me outside the theater room. He took my hand and said hi. The moment we went inside the theater room I saw balloons shaped as a heart, and some rose petals on the ground.
“What’s this all about?” I asked.
“I kind of asked my Dad if he could rent one theater room. Since this is my first date he agreed.” he explained.
“Wow, this is amazing. I can’t believe you went through all this trouble just for one date.”
“Well, I try to do my best to impress the girl I like.” he said sweetly.
“Did you just say that you like me?” I asked.
“Yeah I do like you. How about you? Do you like me?” he asked back.
“I certainly do” I said.
He smiled and then giggled so sweetly. No one else was in the theater room but us. It was definitely so romantic. Who knew that theater 9 was the best theater room? Our hands would meet each other every time we would get popcorn. I couldn’t focus on the movie, I only focused on him and how he told me that he likes me. I couldn’t believe it. He really does like me. The movie was over, finally. I stood up waiting for him to stand up to.
“Why aren’t you standing up yet, the movie is over?” I asked.
“Who said the movie was over?!” he replied. “Look at the screen.”

I turned my face back to the screen. The words “Would you be my girlfriend?” was previewed in the whole movie screen. I smiled and giggled. I turned my face back to him, there he was standing holding a bunch of red roses and said “Would you be my girlfriend?”
“Yes, I’d be happy to.” I replied. He smiled and hugged me. I was right this was the most exciting day of my life. He walked me back home before 10pm, we both we’re standing outside the porch.

“I’ll see you on Monday. Thanks for the most awesome and most romantic day of my life” I said to Jimmy.
“No problem, there’s going to be many more romantic dates that I’m going to plan” he replied.

I smiled and said thank you again. Before he left he leaned in-front of me and kissed me on the cheek. He wanted to be a gentleman and not kiss me in the lips on the first date. I couldn’t believe that Jimmy was my first real boyfriend.
It feels like all those things just happened yesterday. Jimmy and I had been together for almost 3 years. That was the best 3 years. There wasn't any drama, and rumors of him cheating on me. He was the perfect boyfriend that anyone could have. I didn’t know how he would react if I told him I had cancer. It Wednesday morning; I’m going to school today. I can’t wait to see Jimmy and my bestfriend Danny. I was walking to school today when I saw Jimmy walking to school too, I was going to run to him when I saw another girl come to him; Jimmy kissed that girl, from behind I knew who that girl was; it was Stephanie. Stephanie was in my Algebra 2 class. I didn’t want to believe what I saw; I was only gone for 2 days, what could happen in two days? They didn’t realize that I was behind them. Jimmy kept flirting with her, he kept tickling her, hugging her, and putting his arm around her waist like she was already used to him doing that. How long has Jimmy cheating on me? We all finally arrived at school; they still haven’t noticed that I was right behind them the whole time. I kept quiet about what I saw for 2 class periods. It was lunch when I talked to Jimmy. He sat right next to me, while Stephanie was on the other table across us. I could feel Jimmy was looking at her.
“Hey Sweetie” Jimmy said.
“Don’t you Sweetie me!!!” I shouted making Danny and the rest of my friends look and wonder why I was shouting.
“Why are you screaming? What’s with you all of a sudden?” he asked like he had nothing to hide.
“I saw you with Stephanie. I saw you kiss her, hold her, how long have you been cheating on me with me?” I shouted. Danny and my friends were shocked from what they heard.
“That’s not true. I would never cheat on you.” He said.
“Don’t even try lying to me, I saw you!!!” I screamed. Danny stood up and punched Jimmy on the cheek.
“I trusted you dude.” Danny punched him again. “How long have you been cheating on her?” Danny asked.
“I tried not to but I got caught up with Stephanie.” he explained, making Danny punch him again.

I couldn’t breathe. I was panicking. So many tears were falling down my eyes. I thought Jimmy was “the one”. I ran where no one could see me cry for the moment. Danny went looking for me. He knew exactly where I was in the Science Lab where I first saw Jimmy. He went inside the lab; he saw me lying down. I fainted because of all the crap that happened. Danny called the ambulance for some help. He also called my dad to let him know that I was taken to the hospital. The ambulance arrived a few minutes later, my friends and some teachers were worried about me. Some students were even outside the Science Lab just to see what was going on.

I opened my eyes and I was already at the hospital. My dad was sitting in a chair sleeping and the Danny was there too.
“Are you okay? You fainted at school after you and Jimmy fought.” He explained
“So that’s what happened. Uhmm… I’m just feeling a little dizzy.” I said.
“Just to let you know, I punched him hard for you” Danny said, trying to make me feel better.
“I have something to tell you Danny. It’s about me.” I said.
“Is it about you having cancer, cuz I already found out. The Doctor said that if you try panicking again your cancer might go to serious condition. You can’t stress out Suzie.” he explained.
I nodded. “Thanks for punching Jimmy hard. He deserved it. I just thought that he could be the one. But I guess he isn’t.” I said with tears.
“I’m positively sure that you’ll find someone who won’t cheat on you with a girl who has fake extensions.” He said trying to make me feel better. Well it did especially about the fake extensions.

Me and my Dad went back home. I was feeling a bit better now that I got home. I was still feeling bad about the whole Jimmy thing but I’m sure I’ll get over him soon. I didn’t know how I was going to face him tomorrow at school, or how I was going to get revenge on him and Stephanie. Now I don’t have to tell Jimmy that I have cancer.
“So aren’t you going to tell me what happened today at school with Jimmy?” my Dad asked.
“I don’t want to talk about it okay. It’s none of your business okay.” I said.
“It’s none of my business? You’re my daughter of course it’s my business. What did he do?” he asked again.
“He cheated on Me Dad. Is that what you want to hear?! I saw him with Stephanie. They’ve been together for a few months. I was too blind to see it.” I explained.
My Dad hugged me tapping my back; trying to make me feel better. “That’s alright Honey. You’ll find someone better. I always knew he was a jerk.” My Dad tried to joke.

The author's comments:
Finding out the truth was hard. Finding out that your boyfriend is cheating on you is also hard.

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This article has 10 comments.

EllenP. SILVER said...
on Aug. 4 2010 at 3:42 am
EllenP. SILVER, Dededo, Guam, Other
6 articles 1 photo 17 comments

Favorite Quote:
not actually a quote but it was said in Degrassi by Johny...
"It may not have been my first time, but it was my first time doing it with someone i like"

thankx for the meant alot.

on Aug. 3 2010 at 10:00 pm
live.laugh.write BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
4 articles 1 photo 23 comments

Favorite Quote:
"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” -Dr. Seuss

I enjoyed your story a lot! It was realistic, and I like that! :)

I just wanted to point one little thing: When you're talking about someone and yourself, its so and so and I. So like my dad and I. Just something I saw. But keep writing its good! :)

EllenP. SILVER said...
on Jul. 29 2010 at 8:40 pm
EllenP. SILVER, Dededo, Guam, Other
6 articles 1 photo 17 comments

Favorite Quote:
not actually a quote but it was said in Degrassi by Johny...
"It may not have been my first time, but it was my first time doing it with someone i like"

chapter 2 is all done. hope u like reading it,..

EllenP. SILVER said...
on Jul. 29 2010 at 8:39 pm
EllenP. SILVER, Dededo, Guam, Other
6 articles 1 photo 17 comments

Favorite Quote:
not actually a quote but it was said in Degrassi by Johny...
"It may not have been my first time, but it was my first time doing it with someone i like"

Chapter 2 is ready... i hope you like it....

EllenP. SILVER said...
on Jul. 29 2010 at 5:48 pm
EllenP. SILVER, Dededo, Guam, Other
6 articles 1 photo 17 comments

Favorite Quote:
not actually a quote but it was said in Degrassi by Johny...
"It may not have been my first time, but it was my first time doing it with someone i like"

i already sent it to teenink. it might take atleast 3 more days for teenink to accept it. right now i'm working on chapter 3 which is also amazing. i'm really glad u liked it.

on Jul. 29 2010 at 9:55 am
AeroAsh87 BRONZE, No., California
1 article 0 photos 9 comments

Favorite Quote:
"To be Old & Wise you must first have to be Young & Stupid."

THis is sooooo wonderful!  You said there was going to be a Chapter 2 right?  There has to be!!!  This is amazing.  I can't wait to hear what happens next.  Are you currently working on it??

EllenP. SILVER said...
on Jul. 27 2010 at 7:32 pm
EllenP. SILVER, Dededo, Guam, Other
6 articles 1 photo 17 comments

Favorite Quote:
not actually a quote but it was said in Degrassi by Johny...
"It may not have been my first time, but it was my first time doing it with someone i like"

thankyou so much... i hope u will also read Chapter 2.coming soon.

EllenP. SILVER said...
on Jul. 27 2010 at 7:31 pm
EllenP. SILVER, Dededo, Guam, Other
6 articles 1 photo 17 comments

Favorite Quote:
not actually a quote but it was said in Degrassi by Johny...
"It may not have been my first time, but it was my first time doing it with someone i like"

Thankyou so much.this really means alot... please let your friends know....

ezizza BRONZE said...
on Jul. 27 2010 at 1:04 pm
ezizza BRONZE, Framingham, Massachusetts
1 article 0 photos 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
You never know how STRONG you are....
untill being strong is the ONLY choice you have- unknown
look foward not back reach for the future remeber the pastdont be afraid shoot for the moon and always remember what i tought you!- my "bis sis" chess
“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.”
Winnie the Pooh

wow...............thats really good!!!! i wish i could i wright like that any tips?????

on Jul. 27 2010 at 8:18 am
Friggi PLATINUM, Manassas, Virginia
40 articles 0 photos 32 comments

Favorite Quote:
Giving up is not weakness it means you are strong and brave enough to let it all go

omg..............................................this means a lot to me



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