Short Clippet

July 12, 2010
By Anonymous

“I can’t believe school is going to start soon.“ Leah said quietly, sliding her hand into Drew‘s. They laced their finger’s together and, just for a moment, Leah‘s breath caught. It had been so long now, almost fifteen months since they started going out, and yet every moment still felt like it was the first. The glittering night sky shone above them, putting a twinkle in their eyes as they lay there talking.

“I know. It’s too bad too.” Drew turned on his side so he could face her. He watched her eyes race around as she was naming all the constellations in her head. He tried to find words for what he felt; that pit that grew in his stomach every time his glance reached her.

Warm air blew through the grass, and their hair, giving their almost-too-good-to-be-true moment that extra spark. They didn’t know what time it was, but it had to be late. For summer time -with the exception of the beautiful stars and a full moon- the sky was black. They didn’t mind though, they didn’t need light to know that they were right beside each other.

Drew brought Leah’s hand up to his mouth, kissed it, then set it back down. Leah turned to her side, so she could look Drew in the eyes, and smiled faintly.

“We will have so many things to study for, but that’s too bad for me. Your pretty little face will be to distracting.” Drew said as he leaned into Leah. Letting go of her hand, he grabbed her waist and kissed her so deep it made her head swim. Rolling over, he was now on top of her. He kissed the softest part of her neck, but she arched back.

“Not now Drew.” Leah fussed.

“But as you said, school will be starting soon. And we will be doing so much,” Drew purposely fake coughed, “studying, that we wont have time.” He kissed her, again on her neck.

“Drew, stop.”

“Damn, Come on!”

“I am not in the mood.” Leah thrust her hands on his chest, trying to push him off. Drew hesitantly rolled off her, laying in the same spot he had moments before. Leah stood up and began walking off towards her house.

“Le, wait up!” Drew staggered to his knees to ran after her. He grabbed onto her hand loosely just in time for her to yank it away and crossed her arms, keeping her glance at the ground. He stood in front of her and held her elbows, stopping her in her tracks. “I’m sorry. I just…“ He stopped, trying to explain the ping that was still in his stomach. “I love you. You know that. I wouldn’t do anything if I thought it would be bad for you.”

Leah looked up at Drew and held out her hand. He reached for her hand and yet again, they laced their fingers together. Neither of them said anything. Nothing about school, or what just happened. Or about the mosquitoes they just noticed biting them. Or about the lie the hung in the air.

The author's comments:
This is just a really short piece of a story that I have been working on for while.

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