July 11, 2010
By Kaylee Hinshaw BRONZE, Hutchinson, Kansas
Kaylee Hinshaw BRONZE, Hutchinson, Kansas
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Chapter 1.

8th grade. What can you say? It’s a definite adventure. One of the most pivotal moments in a girl’s life. This could be the time when you get your first boyfriend, or you get your first kiss, or whatever it may be. To all those boys out there, just remember it’s a lot harder being a girl then a guy. Us girls have so much to worry about like our size, how are hair or makeup looks, and even who we’re dating is like. This story portrays the story of one girls “adventures” through eighth grade.

Dear Diary,

August 21, 2009

Kylie here. Today is the first day of eighth grade. SO PUMPED!! Cant wait to see all my old friends! What sucks is that summer is officially over. Hope to make some new friends this year! Well, keep you updated.


Walking up to the school that she had been hoping to go to for years, simply because it meant that you were one year away from high school, Kylie almost immediately noticed one of her best friends Madi sitting on the bench listening to her Ipod.
“Hey, how was your summer?” She asked.
“It was ok, I mean you should know. You were there for about half of it!.” Madi answered.
“ Well DUH! I know that. I meant the other part or other half of it!”
“It was ok, we went on cruise and that was about it!” Madi answered slowly not really paying attention. She had her eye on some new boys that had casually strolled up in front of them but obviously didn’t want to notice they were there.

First bell rang and they both hurried inside. They wouldn’t be in the same classes because they were in different pods but they would still see each other at lunch and come other classes they had together.
Kylie’s first hour was math. HOW BORING RIGHT?? That’s what she thought when she had gotten her schedule.
Dear Diary,

August 21, 2009

I’m back! It’s first hour now and were learning about what we will be learning this year. Most of the stuff I already know so I thought I’d write about some new things I’ve noticed, and when I say “new things” I technically meant new HOTT BOYS!! This year is going to be fun. Tons of new boys and tons of new friends.

“Today was going by quickly.” Kylie thought while walking to her mom’s car.
They drove a silver minivan that was almost as old as she was. Everyday for the last year she had been begging her mom to get a new one. All her mom would say was “I’m not getting a new one until this one completely dies on me.” So after a while kylie gave up and just stopped asking all together.

Finally, the first day of school was done and over with. She could now focus on singing. She hadn’t taken choir this year or last but she did love to sing. After putting all her stuff away, Kylie raced downstairs where she spent most of her time in the evenings. She really wanted to buy a laptop so she didn’t have to go downstairs. The basement really freaked her out.
Dear Diary,

August 28, 2009

I didn’t know this school year was going to fly by like this. Well, we got our schedules and mine sucks. I have geometry 1st hr and English 2nd hour. They are by far my least favorite classes. I’ve been feeling weird and out of place lately. It seems like everyone has a boyfriend, and I’m the only one that doesn’t have one and I would like one to.

Today was not only her first day of school but also her first concert in her hometown. She kind of wanted to be like another Hannah Montana but that was to cliché for her, so she decided to just be herself and see how she ended up later in life. Aside from the singing she had been chosen the summer before to be a model for some agency that found her through Facebook.

Getting ready for her “concert” was very nerve wracking. She was a country writer and had gotten her inspiration from Taylor Swift and her songs. Kylie loved to be in the spotlight and always have the attention on her. Tonight she would be singing some Taylor songs and some Carrie Underwood songs as well as her own. It was time. Her mom motioned her to the stage and she heard the crowd cheering for her to come on. “Here goes nothing” she said on her way up to the stage.

One thing that Kylie always had with her on stage was her anklet that she had made in 7th grade. It always helped her get through things without a problem. After the concert she always had a autograph signing for the fans who had one tickets on the radio. She wondered how much the other kids liked her music. She always thought to herself how lucky she was to be doing this and she was only 14 .

Plopping down on her bed, Kylie was pumped up with adrenaline as always. Tonight she had to get to sleep though because she still had school tomorrow. Laying her head on the pillow she drifted into a deep sleep.
Dear Diary,

August 29, 2009

Today will hopefully be as good as all the others so far. I haven’t really made any new friends yet but I hope to soon. I also have to start doing better in Geometry or I wont be able to sing on the 5th of September in New York. There are some cute guys that I haven’t talked to but would love to know. I have had this weird feeling whenever I’m around one of my good friends J.v. He is like my best guy bud but for some reason I always get butterflies in my stomach whenever we talk or when I’m around him. Iwonder what it could be! Just have to find out.

“8th grade is probably the hardest thing I’ve been through in forever.” Kylie said to Madi while walking home that Saturday from the grocery store. “So many cute boys to choose from. It will definitely be difficult to chose which one is right for me.” She muttered oblivious to what Madi was doing while she was talking. About halfway through her statement(s), Madi had started texting her boyfriend Spencer. Madi had met Spencer last year and decided that he was the one. She had had Kylie and their other friend Madi chase him down just to ask him out for her.

A couple weeks later Kylie decided she wanted a boyfriend. There was one guy that she had had her eyes on since forever. He was tall, handsome, muscular, and most of all was a good hugger. He always went around hugging people but especially Kylie. She thought that he might have a thing for her. They often had long conversations on the phone. Every time they were caught talking at school they were accused of dating, and he would always say they were just really good best friends.

His name was Jonah. He had blonde-brown hair and a really nice body. She loved the way he always waited to walk with her if she was slow. You would think these were all the signs of a soon to be couple. She kept wishing that he would ask her to the hallowen dance coming up, but as the time started running out she gave up hope. Walking into school, she caught sight of him and hurried to catch up. He looked depressed which was unusually weird even for him.
“What’s wrong Jonah?”
“ O, it’s nothing. I’m just having a bad day.” He answered sullenly.
“ What can I do to cheer you up?” She asked with a hint of hope in her voice that she would help him and they would become boyfriend/ girlfriend.
“ Well, I need you to ask out someone for me.” He said.
“Who?” She said forcing a smile on her face even though she was dying inside.
“ Kristie Anderson. I think she likes me, but I’m too chicken to ask her.”
“ No problem.” Even though she wanted to burst out and say “I’m the one for you, not her,” taking that risk would be to great. She could say that and suddenly lose her best friend/ crush, so she kept her mouth closed.

Dear Diary

September 12,2009

This week has been depressing and rewarding at the same time. I finally figured out that Jonah does just like me as a best friend. That’s the depressing part. The rewarding part is that I can now start looking for a different guy. Even though Jonah and I would make a perfect couple I just guess it isn’t meant to be right now. I cant wait until I finally I have someone to call my own. Ok… Keep you updated!

Chapter 2.
September Sadness

It was almost the end of September. Kylie sill didn’t have a boyfriend. It was still strange how every time she walked by J.v it gave her butterflies. She couldn’t explain it but in a way it seemed funny to feel that way towards one her guy buds. She had been saving up o the money she made from the concerts to buy an awesome TV for her tour bus. She finally got to decorate her bus, her way. In about 4 months she would be going on a 6 week tour to towns around her home state of Kansas.

Her modeling job was also doing well. It was the day of her photo shoot. She was as ready as she would ever be. She wanted to get it over with so she could have time to sign some of the tour merchandise they would be selling at the concerts. She did this for all her tour merchandise. The photo shoot was for the pictures she and her family would choose for the Shirts, necklaces, tour books, etc.

Tours were very stressful but fun. She loved having the support from her family to live her dream. They also, like many celebrities, kept her grounded. She wasn’t going to be a singer that let her ego get the best of her. Many kids at her school had her album and had gotten used to the fact that she was “famous” now.

Dear Diary,

September 30, 2009

Today has been absolutely CRAZY!! We just finished up with the photo shoot and now I’m setting aside time to read and respond to all my fan mail. You wouldn’t believe how much there is. I’m also finishing up on singing my main merchandise for the tour even though it’s four months away.

That night Kylie was on the phone with her best friends Ollie, Jael, and Lilly. They talked about school and any boys they thought were cute. Of course she also had the support from friends and teachers to live her dream to the fullest. They all wandered why she was at public school. Kylie had told them she still wanted to be a regular teen. Kylie’s agent James was one of the most important people in her life next to her publicist and parents and family. He basically made all of her job decisions but not without consulting her first. Kylie could talk to him anytime about anything.

The author's comments:
this piece was inspired by some aspects of my life!! i thought of writing this story when it was maybe half-way through my 8th grade year!!

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