Brown Eyes

July 9, 2010
Green eyes. Blue eyes. Hazel eyes. Eyes flecked with gold, and eyes rimmed with black. One pair of eyes the color of stone. Every eye in the room riveted on the girl with the deep brown eyes. The possessor of the eyes so dark and soft that they could trap the brightest light and reflect it back. Every boy is powerless, every girl jealous, in the light of her shining eyes.
Even if they are deaf, a person can hear her laughter like flowers spun into sound, just by looking into her eyes. They ripple with mirth, tremble with her smiles, ring with her every movement. Sounds are muted, motions dulled, in comparison to her eyes. Heads turn to take a second look.
Tongues run over dry lips, tasting the chocolate color. Sweet, but balanced with enough bitterness to not be saccharine. Milk chocolate? Dark chocolate? White chocolate? Is there even a taste that could ever describe her eyes right?
I laugh and she turns her eyes on me. “What’s so funny?” she asks, smiling to kill. A joy overdose.
“Everyone is looking at you,” I say simply, honestly.
“They are not.” She laughs, closing those eyes as she twirls around to the music. There’s music? I can’t remember the song that’s playing. I’m laughing with her. A princess. A confidante. A best friend. A sister.
Brown eyes lock on mine.
“Your eyes look really pretty in this light, did you know that?” she asks innocently.
“No, I didn’t. But thank you.” My eyes? My eyes aren’t the brown eyes. She doesn’t know that, though. She is in her world. A world where everyone is beautiful, even the blue eyes, and laughter is its own music. A world only glimpsed through the brown eyes.

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mimirocks124 said...
Sept. 5, 2010 at 5:55 pm
i like this a lot. it keeps u guessing but u can comprehend it well
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