a New Start for Us

July 18, 2010
Rain rolled off the tips of my hair like tears from eyes. I feel the pain welling in my eyes as the tears start to down my cheek till I can taste the sour on my lips. Cold to the bone my shirt feels like glue on my skin, and then my shoes could support fish there is so much water filling the soles. I walk back inside to meet you, alone. Rain is pouring down to the stone cold earth, as the thunder clashes off some out in the distance. As I move through the halls the squeaking follows me, I feel lost in a place Id grown familiar with. So many turns and strange smells, nothing feels the same nor will anything be. I reach the window for the nursery, place my hand on the freshly squeaky clean glass to let you know, I’m here for you. I read your small pick sign with your teensy foot prints, Aubrey Jane. Her petite stomach rising and falling with every precious breath she takes. Night falls on the hospital, as I stand frozen in time watching you grow.

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