Macbeth Rewritten

July 16, 2010
By Rosie21 BRONZE, West New York, New Jersey
Rosie21 BRONZE, West New York, New Jersey
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People: Porter is Billy, Macduff is Gregory, Lennox is Phillip, MacBeth is Scott, Lady MacBeth is Edith, Banquo is Sara, Donalbain is Neil and Malcolm is Aled.

Names of characters may be changed.

Setting has been changed from the original script, it now takes place in modern day London.


The Porter, according to the original script, is quite drunk and as a result tends to joke around a bit.

* Picking up the ringing phone*

Billy: Hello, welcome along! This is the Mills residence, but if I were to answer the phone in hell, I would be answering the phone of the devil all day. - Now, who in the devil am I speaking to at 5am? - Are you the tax collector from Parliament who wants my money at this time of the hour? - Alright alright, who are you? but might be Satan himself! Or, perhaps you're a drunken neighbor? Ah, either way, I give up.

Gregory & Phillip have entered the scene. They are both on the phone at the same time, a 3 way call to the Mills residence. Gregory sounds quite nervous a bit, impatient a bit.

Gregory: Ah, mate! It's Gregory here. Did you oversleep or did we wake you up?

Billy: Well, sir, no. We were drinking til 4 AM. And, sir, drinking can do three great things to you.

Gregory & Phillip: Oh? Haha, what are these 3 things?

Billy: noses, sleep and weeing. On the other hand, makes sex turn on and off. Boosts the desire but repels the performance. So drinking too much makes a double deal with sex, it brews it and spoils it. Makes a man rise to the occasion then drop like a penny. You know what I mean?

Gregory: Haha, I see mate. I think your last drink put you down!

Billy: Well indeed! Got me up the throat but I my revenge. Managed to puke my guts out, even though it's already gotten me down.

Phillip: You must be quite sick after all, day has just begun!

Gregory: Oh dearie you. Any chance Scott is awake as well?

Billy: Yeah! He's right here, one second.

Billy drops out of the conversation. It will now be Phillip, Scott and Gregory.

Scott: Well, top of the morning!

Gregory: Good Morning, sir! Hope all well.

Gregory: Do you know if the Boss has woken yet? He asked me to call him early, I did, but he isn't answering my texts or calls!

Scott: Haven't gotten any notices from him yet. Should we go to his flat then?

Gregory: Well, I'm near by his flat. I suppose I'll stop by with Phillip. After all, I don't want Duncan to rant away in case he didn't receive my calls, will speak to you soon!

Scott isn't part of the conversation for now. It's now Gregory and Phillip on the phone...

Gregory: Where does Duncan live Phil? I haven't been there, but I know you have.

Phillip: He lives in the Yalding House building. Just about 10 minutes from where you are. It's quite a good thing we live here in Westminster. Shall I meet you there? I'll take the tube and meet you by the Regents Park station.

Gregory: Yeah, sure. I'll pick you up at the station.

End of all conversations. Gregory and Phillip meet up at Regents Park station a few blocks away from the Yalding building. They meet up and walk to Duncan's flat. Although the Porter has the same name, they are different porters.

Phillip: Hey Greg! He lives just up at the corner of Great Portland Street.

Gregory: Ah, right. We'll ask the porter at the front desk if he's seen him.

Phillip: Morning! We're looking for Duncan Middleton. Do you know in which flat he lives in?

Billy: Ah, sir. Are you family of Mister Middleton?

Gregory: No, we're his co-workers. He's our boss.

Billy: Is it possible that you can get a family member of his on the phone?

Gregory: Yeah, sure. Not sure what 's going on. But will call his cousin Scott

Gregory speed dials to Scott. On the line it'll be Scott and Edith. Phillip will be call Sara who is with Neil and Aled, Phillip gives them a call as Gregory yells in panic and horror. There is a back and forth going on between the two settings.

Billy: There are medical examiners in Mr. King's flat. He rang down to the desk but he only yelled. We acted and called 999, but when they got here he was dead.

Gregory: Oh! The horror!! Did you catch that Scott?

Scott: No?! Oh! What's occurring?!

Gregory: The Porter says they killed Duncan! The horror! A Murder! Get Sara, Neil and Aled on the phone! Oh, the terror! The boss has died! Middleton, a good mate!

Edith: Why is Greg shouting on the phone Scott?! What's happened?

Scott: Dear! Dear! Dear! Who could've done such a thing! Duncan has been murdered! Slain! Death has come to the family!

Phillip: Ohh! Sara! Bad news! Worst of all! Duncan has been murdered! At this time of the hour? - Oh dearie! What has it come to?

Sara: The cruelty of the world. Please, Phil! Tell me this isn't true at all!

Neil & Aled: Sara, what's going on?!

Sara: Someone has slain your father!

Aled: What! Do we know who did it?

Phillip: By the looks of it, not yet. Though we've been informed that he was murdered after midnight. No word how exactly, but they found daggers lying around.

Neil: I think we should've seen this coming! Our father was rising in his business. He'd become a celebrity all over London. After all, what's there to get from a successful news presenter? - Of course, must be the money.

Edith: Ohh! Someone help me! I think I'll die myself from this shocking news. *pretends to feel sick, wanting faint*

Gregory: How is your Missus holding on Scott?

Scott: She's very well shocked, just like I am as well!

Neil: What should we do Aled? Are we as well in danger? Our father has been murdered, for his money and fame. We are his sons, and we will inherit what he has left behind.

Aled: Best idea is to leave everything and take what we need. I'll leave and stay in the outskirts of Bangor, Wales.

Neil: That is a great idea. You know what, I'll leave as well. Because who ever killed our father may as well be after us. - If you need me, I'll be in Omagh, in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland...

End of Scene 3.

The author's comments:
What inspired this piece is the love I have for BBC Radio 1 in the UK. I changed the names of the original script into names of some people who work at Radio 1.

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