BLOG: A Girl Living In A Haters World (2)

July 8, 2010
By Anonymous

My freshmen year I was under the impression that high school was the most frightening place in the entire world. So when I walked in for the very first time I was a complete mess. My hair would not look right, my outfit looked like who did it and why and to top it off my knees was shaking and I was sweating. I actually envisioned a bunch of juniors and seniors throwing me into a trash can or shoving me into a locker. Personally I blame television for my horrible first day experience and the crazy thing about it, it was nothing like they TV loves to make us think it is. The seniors and juniors weren’t even studying me like that in fact some of them said hey and by the end of the day I was kool.

When I walked into Middleton high for the first time about to embark on an interesting senior year I was really kool. My outfit was nice, my hair was together and I smelled like coconut and vanilla. I was feeling good. As soon as I walked in I felt the vulcher’s eyes on me. I looked over at them and gave them a smile with a little wave. I thought to myself I hope their cringing and sweating. From the very first moment that I met them I already knew them. Don’t get me wrong I don’t judge people until I get to know them but I saw how they were treating people and could read them up and down. They are the type of girls who point out others insecurities and make them known to the world until that person no longer has respect for themselves. Just because she is able to enjoy the better part of life’s riches doesn’t make her better than anyone else. In the end it’s all about your personality and who you are rather than what you have. Unfortunately in a school like this Layla and her posse rule and the kids and teachers at Middleton High are her subjects. EXCEPT FOR ME, but she will soon find out I am my own person and refuse to be controlled by a wanna be queen.

To continue with my first day experience which I must say was pretty great. I met a lot of different people and my classes are great. Let’s just say that I thought I would meet a bunch of zombie type people and want to crawl into a hole. But these people are crazy kool. The most exciting part of the day was when he came and talked to me. Ladies for the record this dude is totally fine. Anyway he came up to me and wanted to show me around. (wink, wink) By lunch time I knew my way around. We were sitting at the lunch table and I just happened to glance up and break this trance that I was in as I was staring into his beautiful light brown eyes and my glance went to Kendall who was staring extremely hard with evil eyes. Ugh what a disappointment. I turned back to him and thought much better. I asked him what was up with him and Layla and he said he dumped her because he was tired of her games. Of course she wasn’t okay with that and from what I hear she is going around telling every girl to back off which of course they are. But all I heard was HE’S FREE! HE’S FREE! So I call dibs. LOL. JK. For now we will start off as friends it’s the beginning of the year so there is plenty of time for sparks and fireworks.

Endless to say my dad was on point. It was a blast. I made knew friends, talked to a very cute potential boyfriend and kept my haters hating. All smiles over here. Now I have to go but there is more to come.


PS. I met the coolest dude today named K-money he is so funny I didn’t hear a word my teacher said and his girlfriend is just a cool. I love those crazy kids and I barely even know them. Good times. :)

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