I Thought You Loved Me

June 30, 2010
Chapter 1
“Latoya get out that bed before I move you myself”, momma yelled outside me room door. I’m up, god I can get myself up I am not five. I got up and found something sexy to put on, fix my hair, and then I went down for a bowl of oatmeal.”I expect to see see good grades on your report card this semester Latoya”, dad said.Dont worry dad Mr.Givins found me a nerd to help me in class.”Do you need me to get the lime”? Daddy asked, No I’m going to walk to the bus stop. My family was very rich, nobody knew though. I went to Forman High on the southside.I take two buses everyday to get to school ,my dad calls it the ghetto but I like it I get along better with those people then the rich stuck up ones.
When I arrived to school I hooked up with my girls Tosha and Myesha.
“Girl you will never guess who is your so called nerd”, Myesha said
Jameal was the most popular guy out of the whole school. He played every sport, he was fine and sexy. Every girl in school wanted him. His eyes were like the moon.
“Latoya, you there “Tosha said clapping her hands.
“Oh read just dreaming.
“Hey, a voice said behind us, which one of you Latoya.
“Me”, I said, I couldn’t believe Jameal would he helping me with my math.
Mr.Givins said I would be helping you with you class work.
“Yea”, im really bad in math maybe your help would be for good.
“Maybe” he said with smile on his face, so where we going to study Jameal,Um ,how about my house at seven.
“OK”wait wanna give me your address,got a pen and a piece of paper,he wrote his adress down then walked away. The new Mrs.Harden Myesha said.
“We just studying that’s it”.
Girl you know you won’t have a promblem tapping that.i know I wouldn’t.Yall lets go to class, I said pulling their arms.
When we got to class, I noticed Carlos,Angel boyfriend was looking at Tosha.
“Tosha”. I said softly so the teacher wouldn’t hear me.

“What”-did you see Carlos checking you out.Did I ,girl he’s mine soon,just wait until after Big-D party Friday.You still going right Toya, of source girl you gonna leave Angle in a puddle of tears .When the bell rung I went to talk to Carlos.
“Carlos come hear”
“Whats up Latoya”
“One of my girls wanna know talk to you “
“Who-Tosha man she already know whats up with us. So you do like her?
Nah,it aint like that,Angel my girl I love her not Tosha. So that’s watz up Carlos you and Angel not gonna together forever.
“That’s what you say”.Carlos said waling away.
“What a dog”,I thought to myself ,what does she see in him anyway.But he wasn’t gonna mess up my day I have a date with my future man.When I got to lunch Tosha and Myesha ran up to me.
“Girl did you hear about Ka’Wanda”,Tosha said rolling her eyes at the football table.
“What –tell me”
“She pregnat –for Jameal”
“You lying,say yall lying girl”
“Sorry girl ,your plans with him are over”,
“How yall know its hid baby”.
“Come on –girl”
Never mind I’m going to see yall later.
I’m going to see yall later.ok.I cant believe it,the boy I liked had a baby on the way,ok,I’m cool when I get to his house tonight.ima stay on math ,only on math-just M-A-T-H ,but I still cant believe it.Jameal with a child,never crossed my mind.


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