July 2, 2010
By vampirebites SILVER, Spearwood, WA, Other
vampirebites SILVER, Spearwood, WA, Other
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it was like stepping into the unknown . the hot fuzzy air circled around us and we could only make out things with in 3 metres of us. the long walk from the airplane to security was up stairs down stairs. down long but thankfully air contitioned hall ways. the dead weight of luggage was pulling on me and i could see it was getting to my brothers too. the line was long and i mean long. it was like a hugh snake . twsiting and turning. me and my mom gave up and dropped out bages and sat on the floor. my dad serched bages for passports and visas. my little sister lay flat sleeping acroos my mom and my laps. the 2 boys played tag and chase around the crowded space. as the line got smaller and smaller we made our way slowly but surely to the top of the line. the man at the desk cheacked our passports and stamped our visas. welcome home my dad said with a smile. as we passed under the welcome to australia sign. i glared at mom. of all the places we had to move. australia just had to the farest away. welcome home alright i said with a sigh.

The author's comments:
this just come to me in a monet of inspiration. enjoy and any cooment let me know. :)

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