Essence of Time

June 29, 2010
By Ahnnushka BRONZE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Ahnnushka BRONZE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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The thought of each second, each blink, each twitch, and gesture that is essentially completing, dwindling down the hours, ending your life with no reassurance that this is how it was supposed to come to be. Was your life as consummate as you hoped, planned, proceeded it out to be? Was this not an axiom of what our forefathers told us? Surely the stories of the past, handed -- faded as they were carried on generation after generation are true. Are we living for them, or merely existing for our own selfishness? As you open your eyes to a more corrupt world the first envisage that comes to mind is something that will only seemingly, and parsimoniously conduct to the productivity of your life, and your life only. What made you so avaricious? So avaricious to the life that you don't truly enjoy, the life that you truly don't understand when it comes to living. You think you could better, and you don't think you deserve this. You're correct, you don't deserve this. As someone who overlooks each joy as a pain, each pleasure that you so naively believe that another indulgence that is bigger, and better will just be handed to you. You are absolutely correct, you don't deserve it. You know the saying "Don't take life for granted" the people that actually don't, don't worry you make up for them. Every single one of them. If only your forefathers could see your demeanor. If only you could come to terms of what your forefathers would think of this mannerism that you call living life. It'd be enough to make you puke. Open your eyes, breath in the air that you take for granted, that is possibly the opposite of your precedence. You've had enough fresh air, what you need is something drastic, and much more tragic. What you need, what we all need is a terrifying, eye opening, experience. Something -- anything that will make us living and not just existing. Enough humans have just existed and now are buried six feet down. That is the last thing we need, is another sick, self absorbed wasted life. Don't expect for this experience to just be handed to you, just like everything else. Go out in the world and do something. Give your life meaning, give your life experience, experience that you so commonly mistake for fear. You need a good scare, we all need a good scare. Something that will make us jump, come running back and into our bodies. As it makes us want to go hugging, loving and cherish the blood that flows through our heart, veins and soul. We need genuineness, all use simply because the world doesn't see enough of it these days. It's time to stop being pusillanimous of our actions, and of others thoughts and do what we feel, what makes our bones quiver. For that is what makes us happy, what gets us feeling to the bone. The clock is ticking, and it's not stopping so why should you? Do what you gotta do. Start a revolution this generation is in desperation of it.


The time is now



The author's comments:
I wrote this piece at four in the morning when everything was just swarming in my mind unable to makes its claim. This piece amplifies what I believe us humans have come to, and what we could be.

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