The Predator & Its Prey

July 6, 2010
He’d been watching her for months, critically following her every move. He had been careful to stay hidden in the murky shadows of secrecy. It was as if he were a menacing weight, constantly looming over her head, waiting to drop his load of destruction upon her; He was a predator constantly prowling upon its prey, waiting for the slightest slip of her guardians’ attention to pounce upon his unsuspecting victim. Never, for the slightest moment, did she – or those she loved – think she was being stalked; never did we think she would be taken.

But she was; two agonizingly long weeks ago she was taken from us. Her lovely and familiar face was plastered across our little town. Probably our entire state, but I wouldn’t know; I had been placed under lock down, because my parents thought I could, or would, be next. But I knew better; her predator had his prey, and it would be a long, long time until he hungered again.

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