a funeral affair

July 6, 2010
By leandranicole GOLD, Tampa, Florida
leandranicole GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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Perhaps becuase it was so apropriate i didnt notice the ran streaming down my face mixing with the tears. I stood there staring at the ground begging her in my mind to get up. waiting for sarahs body to arise from the ground but somewhere inside of me the reality kicked in and I knew she was gone. After all the lies and the hurt this is how it ended up. all the times she told me she loved me and i was the only one. Our relationship was dieing but neither of us wanted to admit it. we didnt want to know that it was ending before our eyes that all the times we made love were for nothing but pleasure. I remeber the day it happened all the times she hit me and caused me pain cuaght up to me. I was done I was leaving. As I began to walk away for the last time I guess she knew this time i wasnt coming back. she grabbed a gun and pointed it to my back but I guess i was quicker than her. I grabbed the gun and shot right at the heart. The very thing that used to be full of love for me. Sitting here now the rain begins to slow and the sky turns blue. i sitt down on her grave and pull the gun from my bag. Sarah im coming for you.

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