the last goodbye

July 6, 2010
By leandranicole GOLD, Tampa, Florida
leandranicole GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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This is going to be the last time is say goodbye but first I need you to answer some questions. Why is everyday a struggle? Why is everyday a fight to keep you? Why does it feel like im slowly losing you to someone else? Every morning I wake up with the worry that today would be the day you finally give up. The day your finally done with the tears. I feel like im slowly burning like a fire thats slowley losing its flame soon there will be nothing nut ash. But is it worth it? tell me baby is it worth it? is it worth the tears and the worry? the constant feeling that this isnt really love but something more artificial. A replica of what you used to have. Will I ever compare to them? Will I ever make you smile like she did? Will I ever last as long as she did? Is it even worth trying or am I just another way to hide what you dont want the world to see. Am I just a discuise to cover up your broken heart? Im i just here so you wont be lonely? Did you chose me becuase I was the only one looking for help? the only one you could could control. The one who will deal with all your problems becuase she is afraid she cant get anyone else. What is this baby? please tell me becuase im slowly losing patience and this time its gonna be the last goodbye.

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