Epics of an Angel Book #1

June 27, 2010
By MCoryDuplantier BRONZE, Baker, Louisiana
MCoryDuplantier BRONZE, Baker, Louisiana
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" Sometimes saying goodbye or letting go is the right thing to do. It doesn't mean that you are too weak to hold on but you are strong enough to let go!"

Ankit D.

It all started off with a dream, that was at first a nightmare.I had just moved to another part of Houston,TX ,as apart of my uncles plan.Again I was with no friends, though i had been in texas two months.It was like was as soon as I made new friends and started to adapt.I was taken away from it all,I had to start over.

There was this dude that lived across the street from me.He was about my age,and he had the athletic husky type body.One day after school he stopped me before I made it to my house.He told me that he noticed we went to the same school and that we had a few classes together.

After we spoke for a while we quickly became friends.About three weeks later he was over at my place.We were both sitting on my bed,watching soccer.And out of nowhere we accidentally kissed. We both apologized at the same time. The moment was awkward for both of us. So he went home.

The next day after school, while we were walking home we talked about what happened. He confessed that he was going through some trouble about knowing who he is,and so did I.He asked me did I want to start dating. I said yes and we both hugged but quickly let go. Afraid that the neighbors heard or seen us. We both agreed to keep it a secret.

Then about two months later we were both really depressed. So we packed some clothes and our camera's and ran away into the woods near by.We didn't worry about any food.It wouldn't be the first time going a few days without food.

When we thought we were far enough,we threw our stuff to the ground and turned towards eachother.With tears rolling down our faces we began kissing.We layed down on the ground still kissing and crying, with me on his chest.It was the best time I've ever had in a while.Too bad I woke up from it.Now allow me to intro duce myself. my name is Ethan. And this is the road I took that branched off several different directions.

The author's comments:
This is the Introduction from my book Epics of an Angel(Not the scrpt I wrote)

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