Epics of an Angel

June 26, 2010
By Anonymous


Epilogue of The angels

Time by time it rushes pass.

Taking a life into its grasp.

Filling others with pain and sorrow.

So why should I ask.

Death! Death is my solution.

Isn’t it any clearer than.

Death! Death is my desire.

To be with you and nothing more.

Here we are side by side.

In the mirror, But you’re not there.

There you are over there!

But here I am over here.

Pain! Pain, oh why I suffer.

Don’t you want me to be with both kind and dear?

Pain! Pain oh what I fear.

To lose you my dearest, dear.

Scene One

The school bell rings and children rushes out of the school onto the campus green lush grass. None of them are wearing a uniform. There are children boarding their buses, getting into the car with their parents or guardians, and others walking. But there’s a crowd that begins to form off the school campus at the next curb. The crowd begins to form a circle. Inside the circle are two boys probably about somewhere between the ages of 14 and 16. One of them is yelling at the other, but the other boy stays calm and says nothing. Soon the boy who was yelling began to walk towards the other boy still yelling. The other boy stood there without a word said or done.

The boy who was yelling punches the other boy in his jaw and yells at him some more. But he still does nothing. The boy punches him again and again, but something was shining this time on his hand. It came into sight that it was a brass knuckle. Finally the boy falls to the ground the other boy now lying on the ground tries to get up but the other kicks him in the stomach. He lets out a yell in pain. Sounding like an animal being slathered. He was bruised all over, and had a few open wounds with trickling blood.

A teacher comes and breaks up the fight. All the children walk away, including the boy who was yelling at the other boy. The teacher helps the boy from the ground.

The teacher: Are you alright?

The boy looks up at the teacher. He’s just a few inches shorter than him.

The teacher: What’s your name then if you can speak?

The boy just stares at the teacher his eyes wild with rage. He looks down at his ID. And so does the teacher.

The teacher (reading the ID aloud): Kingston Watmel.

Kingston shakes his head and walks off.

The teacher (Yelling Friendly): Don’t you want to come with me to the clinic and then to the office to report what happened?

The boy turns around and shakes his head, and then continues walking.

End of Scene One

Scene Two

Kingston walks in his house and begins to run up the spiral staircase. Up stairs he runs into the Bathroom and looks at his face with disgust. He has a moon shape scar around his eye. Kingston takes his hand and runs it against the scar regardless of the pain. He walks over to the cabinet and begins to search for something. When he finally found what he wanted he took it from the cabinet, and slammed it shut. Kingston takes a towel and pours the peroxide onto it quickly. He dabs his face with the towel.

A car drives into the driveway and the driver turns off the ignition. Kingston quickly tries to hide everything. The car door opens and a woman gets out she’s thin and has short blonde hair. She’s dressed in a skirt and blouse. She walks to the door and sticks a key into the door. Kingston rushes into his bedroom and lies on the bed with the pillow over his head and pretended he was sleep. The woman begins to go upstairs. Once at the top she walks swiftly into Kingston ’s bedroom. She takes a seat on the bed gently, and taps Kingston .

Kingston rises up and the woman sees his scars. He doesn’t look at her.

The Woman (in a caring but worried tone): What happened this time? You have to start standing up for yourself y’know.

Kingston looks up at the woman.

Kingston (in a shaky voice): I got into a fight again. But I’m ok you don’t have to worry bout me ma.

Kingston’s mom got up and walks off into the hallway, and dials a number on her cell.

A woman answers the phone.

The woman (through the phone): Hello this is Patricia Williams how I may help you.

Kingston’s Mom (in a firm but business like tone): This is Kingston Watmel’s mother, Sophera Watmel. I am calling bout my son he appeared to have come home with bruises and scars all over. He didn’t report what happened to him but I know he knows the name of the student who did this. But if you can take note for the principal. I will Be coming in the morning to make sure he reports what ever is going on.

Patricia Williams: That’ll be alright, as long as you bring your State I.D. to verify that you are his parent.

Kingston gets up off the bed and walks into the hallway where his mom is.

Kingston (in a whisper): Please, I’ll be alright … I promise.

Sophera looks at Kingston a mouth ‘no’ and hangs up the phone with a click.

Sophera (angrily): Kingston you need to start defending yourself. They won’t stop till you do.

Kingston (annoyed): I told you that’s not the way I am. I never fought back, never. Why do it now.

Sophera (angrily): Have you looked in a mirror. Your face is scarred badly. You’ll probably have them for ever.

Kingston walks back to the bathroom.

Kingston (annoyed): Then I’ll press charges. I’ll confront him. I’ll do anything to get you off my back, ok.

Now Kingston slams the door shut and continues to dab his scars with the peroxide drenched towel. After a while he came out only to get his night clothes. But he went back into the bathroom, and started the shower. Taking off his shirt he realized he had a black bruise across his stomach. He had to admit he was beaten the worst today. After the shower Kingston doesn’t eat instead he goes straight to bed for the next day.

End of Scene Two

Scene Three

The next day Kingston woke up he was sore. The beating he took was more than any other. He got dressed for school and carefully brushed his teeth. Doing so he found that his mouth was sore and he had chipped a tooth. The pain was too much to endure from washing his face. The bruises and scars hurt badly. Picking up his back pack and putting it on hurt also. So bad he couldn’t walk to school without wincing from pain.

On the walk to school he walked pass others who were there at the fight and others who weren’t. They all looked at him, as if he were a monster. Soon his friend came along running up from behind him.

Kingston’s Friend (out of breath): Kingston Hold on.

Kingston stops and turns around.

Kingston (in a dry cracked voice): Ca’va Et toi, Felix

Felix caught up and the two started to walk again.

Felix (shocked tone): Man Armando did you bad yesterday. Why won’t you ever let me jump in to defend for you?

Kingston: It’s not my place to let you do so. I wouldn’t feel better if you got put out of school or sent to jail for fighting my battles.

Felix hands Kingston a small plastic bag. Inside are seven pills

Felix (thoughtfully): Thought you might need them to get through the day with the pain and all. It’s some pain medicine.

Kingston: Merci Felix.

Felix: Bienivue.

Up ahead a girl was walking. She had black hair with red highlights.

Kingston: Hey Felix don’t you think that girl up there is fine. She is almost like me. She doesn’t have many friends. Cares less bout what happens around or to her. Then she’s just like the both of us emo y’know.

Felix (warily): I don’t think its best for me to say.

Kingston and Felix walked in silence for the rest of the walk. When they got to the school Kingston went directly to the principal’s office.

End of Scene Three

Scene Four

Inside the school’s principal’s office his mom, Sophera was waiting .Kingston arrives. Quickly he takes a seat. On the desk a plaque stood. The plaque read Principal Gregory L. Dunn.

Principal Dunn (a formal tone): I see Ms. Watmel that you say Kingston came home with bruising and scars. And I don’t blame you for being worried bout this. He looks, um well please forgive me. But he looks horrible due to all the bruises and scars.

Principal Dunn stands up and walks from around his desk.

Kingston (In defense, quickly): Well you see uh, like they have this rumor going around. Saying that I Be starting half the fights between students and I just found out bout it yesterday. I Guess I would be upset if someone rumored bout me and got me into a fight to. But I didn’t make any rumors to get anybody into a fight. It’s hard to understand, but its high school y’know that’s what happens.

Principal Dunn looks a Sophera for her solution.

Sophera (In a sharp but keen voice.): Yesterday As I said. I found him in his room trying to act like he was sleep. But he always tries to hide when he gets into a fight. And he can’t because he has to let me see him someday. Plus I think-

Sophera was cut off by Kingston

Kingston (In an aggravated tone): It couldn’t have been a fight I didn’t hit back. I never.

Sophera looked at Kingston and began to speak again.

Sophera: Plus I think I might drop him out of this school, and put him in a private school. That’s what my mom and dad did me. Matter of fact I never went to a public school. I gave him the choice when he first started. Public or Private. And he chose public. And for him to finish school it might be a requirement especially for him.

Principal Dunn paces in front of Sophera and Kingston repeatedly.

Principal Dunn (caring tone): So who did it Kingston you never told me who did it. I could have them arrested. The fight didn’t go on during school hours but I might be able to do something.

Kingston Squirms in his chair.

Principal Dunn: What’s wrong Kingston ?

Kingston (in pain): Yesterday I got kicked in the stomach when I tried to get up. And it left a bruise. It hurts real badly. Then like before that He had a brass knuckle.

Principal Dunn: Still who did this?

Kingston gets up from his seat.

Kingston (grunting): It was Armando. He said something bout the fight he got into in his neighborhood was because of me, when he beat me up.

Kingston headed for the door. He held his stomach.

Principal Dunn (in surprise): Armando Gonzales?

Kingston Watmel: Yup. A can I get a pass to the clinic? I might be late for class too.

Principal Dunn walks over to his desk and gets a note pad and hands it to Kingston . Kingston writes a pass and hands it back to Principal Dunn. Principal Dunn initials the pass. Kingston walks out still holding his stomach, and goes to the clinic.

End of Scene Four

Scene Five

Principal Dunn: Kingston seems to be hurt bad.

Sophera: He wasn’t like that yesterday.

Principal Dunn: Maybe, but he was upset and endured with the pain. It’s something that I did. Until I realized that I was eventually hurting.

Sophera rises from her seat.

Sophera (in a calm but honest tone): Mr. Dunn it’s not rare that this happens. This happens in the summer too. Not the pain. It’s the thing with problems and not anticipating with others he does. Maybe He should be home schooled instead.

Principal Dunn takes a seat behind his desk.

Principal Dunn (informally): Well that’s a problem. Is there someone or something he’s around all the time? Like a gang or a friend who gets in trouble?

Sophera (upset): That’s the problem he does nothing and hangs with only two people. And that’s some boy named Felix Johnson and his ex-girlfriend, Terra Trafford.

Principal Dunn takes a notepad and begins to take note on this. He heads the paper KINGSTON WATMEL, and then takes notes about Kingston .

Principal Dunn (Carefully Worded): I’ll take notes on what he does. Then I’ll get the teachers to do so. Based on what you told me that’s serious. He’s 15. Most of the time or by now people have more friends. Or do more then just sit around.

Sophera (rushing): Well he is 15 but … I guess I want him to be how I raised him. So do you think it’s my fault?

Principal Dunn: Well, depends what do you think may have caused this. What do you think is wrong that you may have caused.

Sophera’s cell phone rings. She answers it.

Sophera (in a business like manner): Hello this is Sophera Watmel, whose calling?

The phone buzzes.

Sophera: Yea I’ll be there, in about 20 minutes tops. Ok thanks, bye.

Sophera snaps the phone shut.

Sophera: I need to go. Someone wants to see a house that’s for sale. I’ll come back next Thursday.

Principal Dunn: Mrs. Watmel, I think this is the reason. It that-

Sophera interrupted Principal Dunn.

Sophera (rushing to leave): I don’t have time. Save it for when I come next Friday. Surprise me.

Sophera swiftly exits Principal Dunn’s office.

End of Scene Five

Scene Six

Kingston walks down a hallway and turns into a room with a plaque on the door. The plaque reads ~Clinic~

Kingston (Calling Out): Nurse Gazelle.

Nurse Gazelle (Calling Back Out): Come around to the back.

Kingston goes into the back room where he heard Nurse Gazelle calling from. She was organizing the shelves in the cabinets.

Nurse Gazelle (hastily): What do you need?

Kingston sits down on a near by stool.

Kingston: I was hurt yesterday, but it got worst today.

Nurse Gazelle (without emotion): What happened?

Kingston hands her the pass. Nurse Gazelle hands it back after initialing it.

Kingston (Slowly): I... got into a fight... yesterday. And… Got hurt badly to… where I guess I need pain medicine.

Nurse Gazelle picks up a pill bottle and takes one pill out. And gives it to Kingston .

Nurse Gazelle: Here is a Motrin, go get some water over there.

Nurse Gazelle points at the sink. Kingston walks over to the sink and takes a plastic cup fills it with water and then throws the pill back and drinks the water.

Kingston: Merci.

Nurse Gazelle looks at Kingston .

Kingston (Repeating himself): Thank you.

Kingston starts to walk to class before the bell, but doesn’t make it. The bell rings. He looks down at his pass. At least he wouldn’t be counted tardy. Kingston approached a water fountain. Remembering the pills in his pocket. He goes through his pocket and takes them out. He sits there and stares at the pills.

Kingston (in thought): -I’ll take two and two at the end of the day. That’ll do it.-

Kingston reaches inside the plastic bag, taking out two pills. He quickly puts them in his mouth and drinks from the fountain. Kingston walks to his first period class. (First Period: Algebra)

End of Scene Six

Scene Seven

Kingston arrives in class. The lesson has already begun. Kingston sets the note on the teacher’s desk in order not to disturb the lesson. The hour moved by slowly. Kingston eventually falls asleep. Finally the bell rings. Meaning its second period. Kingston slowly gets up but almost falls. The pain subdued a little but he felt slightly dizzy. He grabs his books and goes to the Gym. There he nearly falls again. But some one catches him. When he looks up, it’s Felix. Already dressed out for Gym Class.

Felix (worried): How many did you take?

Kingston regained his balance.

Kingston: I only took two. The nurse gave me a Motrin.

Felix (worried): You should’ve taken only one that’s some high priced stuff y’know. How you go make it throughout P.E.

Kingston (confused): What did you give me?

Felix began walking and Kingston Followed.

Felix: I gave you the usual.

Kingston: Oh. What’s that?

Felix (enthusiastic tone): Zanabar!

Kingston (yawning): Oh, well I am so tired at least now I know why.

Felix (dumbly): Why?

Kingston stares at Felix.

Felix: Oh, Oh I understand.

Kingston (sarcastically): Yea, I bet you do.

End of Scene Seven

Scene Eight

Kingston walks into the Boys Locker Room. After getting dressed he went to sit in the bleachers waiting on the coach to take attendance. Afterwards on one side of the gym there was basketball and on the other side there was soccer. Kingston doesn’t participate in any of the sports. Instead he falls asleep at the top of the bleachers. Felix comes and shakes Kingston .

Felix: Come one and play soccer with us.

Kingston (tired): I’m still tired.

Felix: You always say that.

Kingston (tired): No I don’t. I say that I don’t know how. But I’ll play tomorrow.

Felix walks down the bleachers, and continues to play soccer. There weren’t many students playing. But still Kingston goes back to sleep. A few minutes later the bell rung. And Kingston wasn’t undressed into his clothes. But the school didn’t have a dress code so he kept them on. The entire day Kingston slept throughout class. At the end of the day he went to his gym locker and got dressed into his clothes he wore to school. He began to walk home again as yesterday. Later on, while walking Felix walked with him.

Felix: You ok, I heard something’s goanna happen up a little bit further.

Kingston: With who?

Felix squinted his eyes looking further ahead at the next corner.

Felix: I don’t know, but there’s a car up there and 4 boys.

Kingston: Walk on through.

Kingston and Felix keep walking till they get to the corner. The 4 boys just stands there blocking the way. So Kingston and Felix walks around the 4 boys. Kingston notices Armando is one of the boys, but keeps walking. About 10 feet away Charles turns around calls out.

Armando: You just go walk past me.

Kingston ignored him.

Armando: Get the gun Luca.

The boy named Luca went to the car and came back with the gun. Kingston and Felix begins to run, turning in different directions as they run away. Gun shots were fired but they missed their targets. Instead they ricocheted off the mailboxes or the pavement. Leaving marks on both. Armando dropped the gun and began to run after them. Kingston and Felix picked up they’re speed to get away.

But Armando still caught up. He grabbed Kingston ’s shirt and swung him to the ground. Kingston quickly got up, and began to run again. Felix ran through nearby backyards, jumping fences. When he thought he was far enough. Felix took out his cell phone and called the someone. Then he ran back to go help Kingston .

End of Scene Eight

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