Murder, Suicide on Lake Meredith

June 28, 2010
By simba BRONZE, Amarillo, Texas
simba BRONZE, Amarillo, Texas
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Bobby and Max were the best of friend since they were little; they grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same school. Bobby is four months older than Max. They are freshman in Magnolia high school, and Bobby has been dating this girl name Liz for almost a year now.

(Max and Liz talking about the trouble that this relationship is going to cause)

“Man, I hate doing this to my best friend, but I can’t help it. I didn’t mean to fall in love with you,” Max told Liz as they hugged inside his car.

After Max and Liz drove around after a while they finally decided what they were going to do to prevent this relationship from braking into a three way brake up. They decided that they weren’t going to tell him anything about what they talked about in the car, the hug and the feelings that Max has for Liz. A week past by and Bobby notice that Liz and, Max would act weird around each other. They acted weirder when he invited them both to the lake to go fishing in his dads fishing boat. But Bobby would never say anything to them. Until one day he got tired of them not talking to each other and not getting along with each other. Bobby asked them to tell him what there problem was nobody said a word, Bobby was getting mad but still the room was filled with silence. Max could see the anger in his friend’s eyes so he busted in tears saying “I’m sorry Bobby but I’m in love with Liz.” Now the room was quieter than before Bobby did not say a word to none of them and turned over to look at Liz. Then he asked her? “Liz is this true is my best friend really in love with u.” Liz said “yes Bobby he is in love with me.

Both Max and Liz could see the anger in Bobby’s eyes so not a word was spoken. So Bobby got up through his fishing pole and said “I am going the back real quick.” They were terrified they didn’t now what he was going to do to them or to his self. So Max and Liz started talking and think of what they were going to do if Bobby went crazy on them. But before they knew it Bobby came around through the other side of where Max was, and all you herd was a big!!!! “BOOM SOUND” and someone screaming in pain as Max hit the floor after he was he was shot in back of the head. Liz was screaming after she could see that Max was bleeding to death and wasn’t moving at all. She picked up her head to look at Bobby as tears were rolling down her cheek she could see the anger in Bobby’s eyes. Then Bobby turned the gun on Liz she begged her life but it didn’t seem to stop him from caring, with so much anger he had inside of him he pulled the trigger and watched his girlfriend fall to the ground after she was hit twice in the chest . Bobby fell to his knees as he drop the gun crying for mercy, as he put his hands up to the sky asking god why did this have to happen to him, he reached over to get the gun put the 9mm glock to his moth and pulled the trigger. Police found the boat two days later but it was too late only to see Bobby’s, Liz, and Maxes body were covered with maggots. Detectives’ call this a murder suicide on lake Meredith

The author's comments:
I hope that poeple no that murder is not the way for anyones problems and that a friendship is way stonger than a boy friend and girl friend relationship

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on Jul. 13 2010 at 7:43 pm
DarkTruth BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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well yeah it needed to have been worked a little bit longer

Whylime said...
on Jul. 13 2010 at 10:19 am
Whylime, Brentwood, Tennessee
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um freaky..! i  dont think ill ever look at any guy name bobby the same. one thing that bothered me was grammar mistakes and i guess thats because its one of my biggest pet peeves.  and i know this comment has tons of errors but its different for submitted work. i really like the story line and the plot but lack of indenting bothed me.. sorry

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