Ashley and James...will they last??

June 25, 2010
By SmokeyDream23 BRONZE, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
SmokeyDream23 BRONZE, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
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The night air made Ashley shiver. She stood against the wall of her house in Detroit,Michigan. She had to think of the break up between herself and her (now) ex boyfriend, Travis.

She thought: I really did love him. But I can't help these feelings i'm having for James. He came into my life in a tough time. My father left my Mother, my Mother went into a psyche ward, and now i live with my older sister Rebecca. He stood by my side through all of it. He's different though, he makes my heart freeze and melt at the exact same time. He makes me think.

Her thinking was interrupted by James. He quietly appeared beside her. He was smiling as soon as he saw her. "I was just thinking of you" said Ashley. James put his right hand in the front of his pocket then said, "I was thinking of you, too..." his words trailed off.

Ashley could see that he was hesitating. "What's wrong?" she asked. He looked at the ground then moved closer to her. "Ashley, I like you, I like you so much. I just don't want to come between you and Travis but I can't help these feelings I have for you" James said.

She was stunned. She couldn't believe that he felt the same way. She thought it was only her. Her heart stayed still for a moment. She was swarmed by her emotions. Then James did the unexpected. He went right in front of Ashley, pulled her closer to him and their lips touched.

Ashley didn't even realize what happened because as soon as his lips touched hers, her body went in another world. A world where it was just the both of them. She felt as though they were in a place where they had a hold of each other's heart.

James pulled away to look at Ashley's expression. Both of her eyes were still closed until she opened them to see his expression. She smiled then James did too. "That was..." Ashley's words trailed off. "Incredible" said James. Ashley nodded, "Exactly".

James locked his right hand with Ashley's left. "You want to get out of here?" Ashley asked. "That sounds fantastic but we're newly together. I don't want to mess it up" he said. She smiled then James kissed her hand and he disappeared.


James and Ashley are in school arguing once again about Emily. "What were doing with her?" asked Ashely impatiently. "What do you think?" be continued

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by Smokey Part 2 will soon be coming out..

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