June 9, 2010
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When i started this year, my first year in highschool, i had two things i wanted: good grades and good friends. over the course of the year i got both. My frienships where.... odd. some of them stood the test of time, others? not so well. one of the friends i made were otaku, just like me. she was a gothic lolita, who had her hair dyed an odd shade of green. she wasn't sweet and nice, she was more cool, crazy, and basically awesome. she was the best friend that i had for a while. she knew how i felt, even when i tried to hide it. she read the odd, corner shelf books that i did. in fact the only thing that we disagreed about was the quality of yaoi manga. As the months passed, though, our unceasing chatter was silenced.
"Hi!" she would say to me, and i would reply in the same manner. some of our conversations went alot like this.
"Hi!" she would say
"Hi!" i would reply.
"So, what are you reading?" she would ask pointing atthe book on the table.
"Nothing." i would say, and english would begin. that went on for a few months, once in a while i would read one of her amazing stories and be awestruck, but in silence. i could tell that are friendship was drawing to a close, and the end of the year would be the kiss of death.
It was.
when i said goodbye for the last time in the year, and saw her disapear into the crowd, i knew that it would be the last time the odd, quiet gothic girl would ever say goodbye.

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5star_writter_mone said...
Jul. 12, 2010 at 10:00 am
i liked the story but i dont understand the title
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