June 8, 2010
By hatetoheartbreak BRONZE, Grayson, Georgia
hatetoheartbreak BRONZE, Grayson, Georgia
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how do you expect some one to love you?... if you wont let them?

i dont think i'll ever again give my heart away.insted i'll keep it behind locked glass for sheer display were no pain or suffering can ever find its the precious item it is no one comes close to touching this valuable position.only touching the hard cold surface of heart ache and pain,and loves hard lessons.some tell me this is not the way to i ask sabrina hopeing u'll help me know.opening the worlds harsh accutions of i love you's and i love you not' is scared of getting caught up in the vines with thought of never escaping with out he opens up the door to take a peek of something hes never experenced he falls into the vines,and is unable to escape.he finds it hard to get out of,he thinks should i leave or should i stay? for him to truley be happy this is not the way.he falls deeper and deeper into the cold world.he wakes up,he finds him self in this position.standing at this glas door staring at it.he says"she has to be special if it my love she wants to store." he ponders looking,he leaves the glass door.

The author's comments:
a friend and i are very close and weve helped eachother through hard times including following our hearts so we wrote a poem togetherand this is it.

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