Disney World Promise

June 23, 2010
By TheShadowSKill BRONZE, Norwich, Connecticut
TheShadowSKill BRONZE, Norwich, Connecticut
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I had been there time, time, and again, but this time would be different. Mama and Papa were out of town and Grand-mama was taking me instead; shes never been before. It had to be awesome because Grand-mama is awesome; I love her more than anyone else.
We had a lot in common. We're the same age, well we would be if it wasn't for the pesky zero after grandma's nine and we also had the same name.
Kids at my school made fun of my name but I didn't care. It was her name too and she had no problem with it, so neither would I. Just because Love was a feeling doesn't mean that it cant be a name too.
"Love, I need you to promise me that no matter what happens you wont leave my side, okay?" She unbuckled her seat belt and grinned at me.
"Yes, Grand-mama." I unbuckled my booster seat and got out of the passengers side. Mama didn't let me ride in the front seat but Grand-mama did. It made me feel grown up, although Grand-mama said growing up is more than just the front seat. I didn't think so.
Hand in hand, we crossed the street and she began to get her money ready to pay. I smiled, we were wearing the same outfit too. I liked to imagine us as twins but she was way taller than me and her hair was white. I asked mama to let me dye my hair white too, but she said no. Mama said that Grand-mama's hair wasn't dyed but I knew it had to be. Somewhere in that ocean of hair, there was lots of brown and she just hid it so she could look her age.
Time seemed to fly after we got it. We went to Cinderellas castle first. Grand-mama was snapping pictures the whole time. I got pictures with Cinderella, Mickey mouse, and Mulan. Grand-mama bought me dumbo (I wanted the real dumbo but a park official said he wasn't for sale) so I got stuck with a stuffed one instead.
We ate at the Polynesian Resort which was beautiful besides the fact that I couldn't pronounce the first word because I was missing some teeth. I was too hyped to eat much and she said she would save it for me.
I waited patiently for Grandma to finish eating as I reminded myself that I promised not to leave her, no matter how many times Goofy waved at me.
We rode on the trolley and took more pictures. I cried because I couldn't go to space mountain because I was too small but Grand-mama went to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with me instead.
She told me I was getting tired because Stitch made me cry as well, but she bought me cotton candy and I was all better. After we went to see the lion king puppets and Mary Poppins on Broadway.
The sun was beginning to set and my legs were getting tired. Grand-mama seemed tired too, she kept rubbing her chest and her arm. I asked her if she was ready to go but she said she wanted to see the fireworks.
At the boardwalk, Grand-mama insisted that we rest on a bench. I reluctantly agreed and we sat together holding hands. She looked sad or tired or the way I felt when I fell off my bike two days ago but she didn't say anything, she just watched the people pass by so I did the same.
I wanted to be just like Grand-mama more than she understood.
The parade walked by and I stood on the bench and waved. I nudged Grand-mama to look too but she had fallen asleep.
Sitting on the bench I touched her hand which was cold. Digging in her purse I took out 20$ and cautiously crossed to go in a store. My conscious began to nag me about leaving Grand-mama but I was doing something to help her, so I felt it would be okay.
The store was big but I eventually I found the item I was looking for. I walked over to the counter which was a little taller than me.
A kind lady looked down on me, "Is that all you want?"
"Yes, please."
"Your awful young to be wondering around Disney World alone, don't you think?"
I stopped, "My Grand-mama is waiting for me outside."
"Do you want a bag?"
"No, thank you."
She handed me my change and I grabbed the item and ran out the door.
Taking the box off the mickey mouse blanket I bought for her, I draped it over her legs then climbed up on the bench and held her hand. Soon it got dark and I watched the firework show just me and Grand-mama.
After the show I was ready to go home, "Lets go home Grand-mama."
She must be really tired so I sat there some more. I wonder if the pesky zero was bothering her. She claimed it made her joints hurt when she was in the garden and I told her when I got older I would kill the zero and she would be all better.
"I need you to exit the park." A park official told me loudly.
"Shhhhh! Grand-mama's sleeping." My Russian accent seem more prominent than usual.
The man frowned and touched her hand before walking off into the distance. I hoped we could spend the night here in Disney World. That would be wonderful, it would be just Grand-mama and me.
Three men and one woman wearing black pants, blue shirts, and a shopping cart approached me and I tighten my grip on Grand-mama's hand.
"How are you sweety?" The woman asked me and I wondered what I should say. Mama and Papa always told me not to talk to strangers, "Its okay were here to help you."
"It okay," I smiled tentatively, "I don't need help, I'm just going to wait here until Grand-mama wakes up."
She looked at a man who touched Grand-mama and shook his head, "Where are your parents?"
"Out of the country," I replied, "I'm staying with Grand-mama."
"What about your Grand-papa?"
I thought about the question before twisting my lips to the left, "She never talks about Grand-papa."
I felt Grand-mama's hand slip out of mine and I realized that the three men were lifting her up onto the shopping cart they brought with them. I leaped up before face planting into the cement. My face was scratched up and it tingled but I held back my tears as I grabbed her hand, "What are you doing?"
The began to zip up a black bag with Grand-mama in it, "Sweety, your grand-mama's gone."
I tightened my grip on her hand. What did they mean gone? Anyone can see that shes still right here beside me. They tried to pull me away from Grand-mama but I wrapped myself around the shopping cart in a way that only a 9 year old could.
A tear slipped out of the corner of my eye and I said, "You cant take her away from me until she wakes up because I promised I would stay by her side."

The author's comments:
I was surfing youtube and there was a video of a little dog that got hit by a car and another dog was pawing it as if to say "Its okay, you can get up now."
It was very touching.
Basically, what I think this short story is saying is that life comes at you fast, and that life is fragile.

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