A New Beginning

June 23, 2010
By TheMissCutiePiePrincessx GOLD, Kankakee, Illinois
TheMissCutiePiePrincessx GOLD, Kankakee, Illinois
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Swinter is the name. An odd name you would say. But I have learned to love it. What I have figured out if my parents couldn't figure out if they wanted to name me Summer or Winter, so they just named me Swinter. But that's not what I'm here for.
I had a sudden twist in my life. A sudden twist happened in my life. Daddy was always nice when I was a little girl. On my 13th birthday everything twisted and turned. “Abbigail get over here.” My dad's vocie boomed. I still remember the words. “What it is it, Rick?” My mom sounded normal then. She walked forward. My dad threw her against the wall, and pinned her to it. “Abbigail, you know I don't like it when my breakfeast isn't served first! That little brat should be served LAST!” My dad's face looked purple. “Rick, it's her b-birthday I thougt she should be served firs-st.” My mom looked like she was about to cry. I heard a slaping noise then a wail. Then a muffled scream. Then silence.
Dad came into the living room a few minuets later. I slowly got up. “Just where do you think you're going?” Dad's vocie was stern. “I-I have to use the bathroom.” I stamered. “Swinter, don't take long. Or I will come and get you.” He threatened. I ran to the bathroom, didn't go in it. I closed the door of the bathroom to make it look like I was in there and darted toward Mom's room. I opened the door to see my mom laying there on the floor. Swollen eye, and twisted arm. “M-mommy!” I fell to the floor and whisper sobbed. “Its okay honey. I'll be fine.” She certanitly didn't sound like it. “O-okay.” I quickly ran out of the room. “SWINTER MARIE FAWTSON!” My dad stood in the doorway. “You are NOT to go in there. Your mom is just beinga baby. Don't worry about it.” He smacked me across the face, and I fell to the floor. I saw mom slowly get up. “RICK! DON'T YOU DARE LAY A HAND ON HER!” I had never heard my mom yell before. My dad picked her up, and threw her across the room. I screamed. My mom could have died! “Don't scream. You'll give me away.” Dad said everything in a cold, mean voice now. He walked into the kitchen and made himself breakfeast. He made me stay in my room. I slowly got out suitcases, and packed. I packed everything I could fit. Eventually everything I had ever had in my room was packed away. I took off my matress from my bed, opened my window, and droped the matress to the ground. Then I droped all my ducktaped shut suitcases down onto the matress. Then I jumped down, gathered everything up, and took off. I tore down the street. I knew where to go. We lived on the edge of town, so I took off toward the country. When I was 7 I had ran off and made a huge house out of concrete blocks laying around. I knew where it was, so I planned to live there.
It was 12am by the time I was all settled. I had a flashlight, and took off on my bike toward home. I needed to get Mom out of there. When I arrived to my house she was sleeping on the deck with suitcases. Like she knew I was coming. I came up to her grabbed everything and packed it onto my bike. We both rode off to my speical place.
We were safe. He had caused greate damage to my mom. Eventually we fled for a bigger, safer, and farther away countryside. We still live here today. All because of that one day we had saved arw lives from harm.

The author's comments:
New Piece. and the picture is supposed to be the dads hand

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