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June 23, 2010
By TheMissCutiePiePrincessx GOLD, Kankakee, Illinois
TheMissCutiePiePrincessx GOLD, Kankakee, Illinois
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"Truth is, everybody in life is going to hurt you, you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for."

My name is Aber. Yes it is an odd name. But I like it becuase it is diffrent from the rest. My last name is Crombie. So everytime people take attendance they dont leave spaces they just slur my name together making it Abercrombie. Some people giggle because Abercrombie is a brandname ALL of us wear. I wear it all the time. So basically you could say I live up to my name. It was a normal day of school. Fewer people showed up everyday because they would become sick of Thypus.
Luckliy my best friend, Leighton was still here with me. "Hey, Aber!" She said my name like it was super special. "Sup?" I smiled. "Ugh! Stupid Math I dont get it at ALL." Leighton struggled to get her math book out of her math book. "I havent gone to Math yet.." I stopped while Leighton's book tumbled to the ground. She bit her lip. I dropped to the ground and gathered everything up. Leightons brown eyes fluttered.
My Math period came. and went. It was super easy. Leighton had first period Math so porbably fell asleep and didnt understand after that. Next period was lunch. I had to go to the office first so i could take some special pills for protection. I walked in the cafe and sat next to Leighton. "This grade is getting smaller and smaller." Leighton had a worried look on her face. "It won't be one of us!" I was really sure. But I was really wrong.
I went to scchool the next day. There was no Leighton. I flipped. Literaly. I ran out of the buliding, hopped on my bike, and flew to Leightons. I never knocked..I usually just flew open the door and thats what i did..right after putting on a mask. I ran to Leightons room. There she was in her bed her Brown eyes were black and looked sunken into her skull. Her skin was pale. I ran over to her. "LEIGHTON!" I screamed. I was so scared. I didnt know what was to happen to her. "I-im allright..." Her voice was low and weak. I didnt know what to do. I was so scared. I didnt want to lose my bestfriend. "Aber, get my mother please." She coughed. "Mom!" I ran outside of her room to get her. Even though Leightons mom wasnt MY mom I still called her mom. Leighton was like my sister. Her mother ran to the room. "Leigh baby, are you okay?" Her mother was super worried. "I dont think i will make it." Leighton's eyes fluttered. "N-No! Dont say that!" I began to feel a lump in my throat. Her mother ran out fo the room to get some meds. "Swallow these. They should help." Her mother said handing her the pills.
Leighton rose slowly and took the pills. She fell back onto her pillow. She looked worse. "Leighton..don't leave me. School would be horrible wihtout you!" I chocked and swallowed..hard. "Im not going to leave you..or atleast try not to. youa re to impotant and speical to leave." Leighton looked like she was smiling. I layed next to Leighton hearing her breathe in adn out. Until it stopped.
I sat up and looked at Leighton her eyes were shut and she didnt have a pulse. I screamed and Leightons Mom came rushing in..she knew and began crying. "Leighton! Don't go! You were my everything. My bestfriend,my sister..everything!" I chocked on the lump and stopped breathing. And then a let out a sharp scream and my tears spilled out. Her mom gave me a hug. And we went to call a funeral home to take her body.

On the day of Leightons funeral I had to give a speech. "Now Aber Crombie, Leightons best friend will come and make a speech." The minseter vocie spoke. "Leighton was a beautiful and kind girl. She was my bestfriend," I choked,"I was right there when she died. It wasn't a pleasant thing at all. I miss her and hope she is in a better place now. Whenever and wherever she is and gets there i hope she waits for me." I walked back to my seat next to my mom. She patted my knee. I had bought red roses to put on her grave. I set them down and read aloud what it said on her grave, "Leighton May Clayton Died: March 15th 2010

Born: May 17th 1995

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I Love Wrting Detah Stories.

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