Is This Really Happening?

June 23, 2010
By TheMissCutiePiePrincessx GOLD, Kankakee, Illinois
TheMissCutiePiePrincessx GOLD, Kankakee, Illinois
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"Truth is, everybody in life is going to hurt you, you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for."

My name is Abbigal. I am a senior in high school. My best friend's name is Celia. I'm not here to tell you stuff like that. It deals with Celia and I, but lets get to the important stuff. My story:

Celia and I had been best friend since 1st grade. Frankly, we had never gotten tired of each other. Celia was a beautiful girl. Long, think, dark brown hair. Lightly tanned skin, and her beautiful Green eyes. They were a special green. One I had never seen before. Me on the other hand was like Celia, but my eyes weren't green. They are dark brown almost black. And I was tan too. We weren't spanish or anything. We live in California and love to go swimming. So there's our tan.
It was summer time. Celia and I were off to the beach. We didn't check the weather since we didn't have a fear of thunderstorms. I was laying down getting a tan. “It's so nice out today. I heard the beach is really warm.” Celia suddenly said. “Who told you that?” I sat up, and took off my sunglasses. “Well, Allester told me. Then when you were tanning I dipped my foot in the water. It's really warm.” Celia smiled her usual smile. Allester was a boy Ceila like and Allester liked her too. They where to shy to ask each other out. Apprently that was my job. “Well I guess I will go swimming today.” I smiled.
The water was warm. I sunk down into the ocean. I heled my breath and went down as far as I could. It was pleasant. BOOM! The sky suddenly became clouded and gray. Lightng struck the sky and thunder clapped. I literaly jumped out of the water to our beach spot, and got everything in the car before it started pouring. I have a convertabile, so I had to put the hood back up.
“Celia!” The wind made my hair blow in my face. Since it was wet I stuck to my face. “Right here Abby.” She stood next to me. We took off for the car. I started it up and began pulling out of the parking lot. It was a totall traffic jam. Every car there was trying to get out. Celia was staring out the window. Thunder clapped and the wind picked up.
We finally got out of the beach center. “My house right?” I heard myself say. Celia nodded. We were the only ones on the road. “Abby!!! There's a funnel cloud! It touched the grond and is coming toward us!” Celia's eyes grew huge. It was on my side. And the only was to avoid being killed by the torando was to swerve to the other side of the road. “Hold on to what you can! Anything!” I basically screamed. The roaring got closer and closer. I flew down the road. I swerved. “Ahhhhhh watch out!” I heard Celia scream. There was anthor tornado almost right infront of where the car was. I screeched to a halt. For about 5 seconds I just was there. Then I was shocked back to reality. I had to speed forward to be able to out get these twisters. I hit the gas and flew!

“Oh my god! We could have died!” Celia shut the door of the car. “We live in California Celia, we don't only get earthquakes we get Torndoes to.” I told her while getting the beach towles out of the trunk. “I know. But it's rare to be on a street with a tornado on one side and a tornado on anthor side.” Celia was right. I went into the house, and threw the sandy beach towels in the washer. “At 6 you gotta go home right?” I ploped on the couch next to her with popcorn. “Yeah. Stupid formal thing for my family.” Celia rolled her eyes. “You do look good in your dress.” I put the bowl on her lap. She popped some popcorn in her mouth,“I guess.” “Well we got half an hour.” I glanced at the clock. “Well we should head to my house, and you help me get ready.” She rose from the couch.

I pulled in Celia's driveway. It was only 5:35. We ran into the house, it was still storming. We got to Celias room. Her dress was on her bed. “You need to get my hair stuff so I ca put it into that bun I showed you.” Celiad pointed at her hair supplies drawer. She was sitting in her make up chair brushing her hair. “Here are the 20 bobby pins, and flower to go in there.” I set them on her vanity. She had her hair in the bun, and then sucered it with bobby pins. After she had everything in place the little blue flower was stuck into her bun. She went to the bathroomand put her dress on. Her green eyes made her outfit pop. “I told you you would look good.” I smiled. Celia's mother walked into the room. “Oh Celia! How beautiful you look. But that's not why I'm here. The car broke down so we won't be able to go. So maybe Abby can take you.” Ceila's mother said. “Why wouldn't I?” I heard myself say. Ceila smiled.

We were driving. “God! I hope the same thing dosent happen again!” Celia searched for clouds. I tried to focus on the road but I just couldn't. I tore away from the road for a few seconds. I kept driving though. I was back on the road. I turned onto a road. I saw a semi. From where I was it lookee like he was in his right lane. It was to late when I realized he was in my lane. He was sleeping on the wheel! It came closer and closer than crash!!

I woke up ans Celia was on the ground next to me. Surprisingly I wasn't injured. I looked at Celia. She had glass in her bun,glass in her lip, and he beautiful dress was torn. She was bleeding. I saw that her head was cut open with glass sticking out.
Perimedics were already here. They took Celia away. They made me get in their too. They said I was fine but they wanted me here to tell them what happened.
I told them what happened. They said nothing was my fault.

Celia was reported dead. Som glass went into her chest to her heart and cause her death instantly. Everything happened so fast.
Her funeral came and they made her look amazing. Everything was gone like that. I miss her so so so much.
Celia Mae Gilmore
Born: May 21st 1992
Died: July 18th 2010

The author's comments:
Death. I was inspired by.. I dont know really.

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paperflowers said...
on Jul. 5 2010 at 8:47 pm
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this is fictional right?? because otherwise that would be horrible.... :(


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