June 22, 2010
By IC.574 GOLD, No, Georgia
IC.574 GOLD, No, Georgia
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What did he say? I couldn’t recall listening very well I was distracted. There was the elder lady with a pink furry hat and long sliver hair…the empty seat with a magazine…screaming baby behind me, 128 Smithdale subway, off Rodwell street left on Bollow’s BBQ, “be careful” sign out by the guarded windows, “$4.99 rib plate with free ice tea.”
Cold hand gripped around neck, sharp stings. Funny faces pass me, do they notice? Rushing toward stairs, shoelaces untie, when I trip no one notices…I fall and stumble. The man grumbles, grabs and tugs. Careless masks all around. I’m too short to notice. Where are we going?
Stale itchy air, coughing, stuffy and thick, buried in his jacket, I don’t know you, who is this man?
Are we going to see mommy?

“Sit, and don’t move.”

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