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June 18, 2010
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Monica stood right in front of Hazel who was sitting comfortably on a bench, while waiting for Marcus who volunteered to buy ice cream. She placed her hands by her hips and exhaled, "Can we not waste our time sitting around? We're in an amusement park! We should be riding rides all day, y'know?!"

Childish Hazel frowned while wagging her feet. They've been walking all over the amusement park for hours, checking almost every ride possible. "But my feet's really tired! You can check out the rides again if you want to. Let's just meet up at the Central when its time to go, what do you say?"

She nodded. It was indeed a good idea so she removed her denim shoulder bag filled with different pins and tossed it to Hazel, "Alrighty then! Take care of my bag okay?" She waved bye-bye while walking away, "See ya."

Monica planned on checking out the roller coaster ride again, when she noticed the gigantic ferris wheel just ahead that slowly turned clockwise. The beams were lighted with different colors and formed beautiful patterns that lit up the whole wheel. She thought it was beautiful so she decided to go for the ride.

She was behind a tall, black-haired guy at the line who keep on snapping his fingers, probably getting in too much with the loud music entering his ears through his headphones. He wore a white fitted shirt and even though a lot of guys wear skinny jeans those days, he wore a rather loose denim pants. He never looked back, making Monica curious about the guy's face.

After waiting for a while, the time finally arrived for her to have a chance to ride the amusement park's main attraction when one of the authorized staff stopped her, "I'm so sorry, ma'am. This would be the last ride for the ferris wheel."

"Uhh... excuse me for a sec, here." A voice called out. Monica looked behind the personnel and saw the guy with the headphones- finally, she saw his face. And of course, her first impression was that the guy looked like a model- gorgeous pair of blue-ish green eyes, a well-constructed nose, and a perfectly kissable lips. He looked straight at Monica, with both his eyebrows raised, "You can join the last room, as long as you don't mind me being around, of course."

She didn't know how to react and so an awkward silence seeped in.

The guy chuckled and immediately a dimple showed up on his right cheek, "Don't worry. I won't do anything to you. I'm completely harmless." He then approached Monica and asked for her hand, "Shall we go? We don't want the other people at the ride waiting."

For Monica, he looked like a prince when the guy was asking for her hand, just to guide her as she get on in the ride. She couldn't resist and so, both strangers went inside the last chamber. After a few minutes, the ferris wheel started turning.

The chamber was completely transparent, from the walls to the floor- even the seats were transparent! They felt like they were inside a bubble. The guy looked at one side and never spoke a word while Monica looked the other way, stealing a look at the guy every once in a while.

The view was spectacular. Monica and the mysterious guy watched as the sun went down the horizon, and darkness covered the entire sky. As the wheel continued to turn, little by little, they almost saw the entire town from their position. The people back at the ground looked like ants, and moving cars too, only faster.

Monica breathed deeply as they approached the highest point of the wheel. The guy noticed it and asked, "You okay? Don't look down if you're getting scared." Then he gave a comforting smile, like its telling her that everything's going to be alright, "Or you can talk to me if you like. I'm Jay."


"Monica." Jay repeated then gave another smile, "Nice to meet you, Monica. So, how's your experience here at the amusment park so far?"

Little by little, Monica grew more and more comfortable around Jay. He looks straight at her eyes, not anywhere else- quite rare for guys, "So far? Hmm... Its fun. I'm having fun. How about you?"

Jay nodded, "Same."

Their conversation was halted when the ferris wheel suddenly stopped. The chamber shooked back and forth, giving Monica a fright. They stopped at exactly at the highest point of the ride and looking down felt like they were about to fall but Jay did his best to comfort her.

"Oh... my... gosh!!!" She got so scared she quickly sat right beside Jay, rocking the chamber even more.

"Hey, hey. It's okay. Its gonna be okay. Maybe something went wrong with their server or something. I'm sure they'll fi it right away." Jay continued, "And you have to go back to your seat, the chamber's not balanced."

Monica shook her head.

"Nica, you have to go back. Its gonna be alright, okay? I'll be right here, so don't worry, okay?" He said. He too, was getting a little freaked out, but he tries to hide it so that Monica won't feel scared even more. He remained calm all those times that they were stuck inside a small chamber, while holding on to Monica's sweating hands. Both got over with the fear when a fireworks display suddenly blasted and lighted up the sky. Different colors and shapes took form, giving smile to their faces despite the fact that they were almost sitting there for an hour.

"Wow..." Monica said while gazing at the fireworks.

After a few more minutes of sitting around, the ferris wheel finally moved. Both sighed in relief as they got near to the ground again. When they got out, the same personnel quickly approached Jay, "Sir! Sir! Are you alright? There was something wrong with the server that is why the ride stopped. We'll further repair it right away."

Monica wondered why he was called 'sir' so she asked, "Why do they call you 'sir'?"

Jay chuckled and was a bit shy when he replied, "My dad... owns this amusement park and so I... got interested about his work and started hangin' around here, looking at the each personnel's work until the end of summer. Were you surprised?"

"...Yeah... kinda." She replied then started walking back to where she came from, "Umm... sorry. I have to go."

"Monica." He called out, she turned around tilted her head, wondering why he called, "Come again sometime." Then he smiled.

Monica smiled back, "Sure! As long as you're still around."

"Of course." He replied.

Despite of all that happened, Monica had a lot of fun and she can't remove the smile on her face that made Hazel and Marcus wonder the moment they met up at the Central. She decided to keep it all a secret and plans on going back the very next day.

The author's comments:
This is the continuation of my story entitled "Haunted House". Enjoy! :)

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