Why Me?

May 29, 2010
By Sunshine. BRONZE, Lake City, South Carolina
Sunshine. BRONZE, Lake City, South Carolina
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"Why Me" A young 14 year old girl name Julia. Julia Marie. Julia Stayed With her mother Sara and her step father max. Julia birth father died when she was four. Julia only had one main person in her life who she could trust and count on to be there for her and that was her best friend max. They knew each other for about seven years now. one random when Julia got home her mother was not there. Usually her mom is home when she come from school. As she walked in max was on the sofa watching the game with a beer in his hand. He always was drinking and yelling. As Julia walked to the kitchen max shouted at her and told her to grab him another beer. As Julia rolled her eyes. As she went to get max's beer max watched every step she took. Julia was wearing some blue skinny jeans, a white shirt, and some white and blue flats. When she gave max his beer she sys to her "you are looking pretty thick in them jeans!" Julia backed up and ran up stairs to her room. About an hour later max had like 4 beers back to back. He was messed up. Julia was listening to her music. Max came up stairs knocked on Julia's door twice. Julia couldn't hear anything. Max was getting angry. He busted in her room fussing and yelling. Julia was yelling telling him to get out. Max says to her "This is my house i can come in any and every room I want to." Julia says back "well you can't come in this room." Max Slapped Julia she fell to the floor. Max walked to the door as in he was about to leave. But, He didn't. He walked to the door and locked it. Julia yelled "what are you doing? Get out!" Max says "Lower your voice. We are about to play a game!" Julia says "I don't want to play a game with you!" Julia started to back up. Max starts walking to her. Julia starts shaking her head saying no. Max grabs her and starts shaking her. He thrower her on the bed and say a word. Max starts to take her jeans off. With a scared tone in her voice she starts yelling saying no I don't want this, Leave. In a angry tone max says "Hush!" Max forces himself on top of her. Julia starts to cry and cry. When Max got off. Then a car horn beeps outside of the house. He told her in a low tone of voice "Don't you tell your mom about this or else." Julia stayed in her room all night crying. She didn't really know who to talk to. She was too afraid. She tried to get up the next morning she couldn’t move. Like something was pending her down just like yesterday. She was yelling and kicking. No one could hear her. She finally got up. Julia went to the bathroom. Her face was red. She had a huge mark on the side of her face where max had hit her at. She started to cry as she kept looking at herself in the mirror. Julia grabs a hammer from under the sink she started to hit the mirror over and over again. Till it all fell to the floor. Julia wipes her eyes and went down stairs. She went to the kitchen. When she saw her mom over there washing the dishes. She tried to over her face because she didn't know what to tell her. Without telling on max. Julia was looking around in the kitchen then a sweet voice says "Good morning darling." Julia stops breathing for a moment. Then says “Good morning mom." Her mom could have told something was wrong by the tone of her voice. Her mom walked towards her. Julia starts to back up. Her mom grabs her hand. Hold her had up then says in a serious tone "What happen to your face?" Julia had a lot of things going on in her mind. She didn’t want max to her hurt, she didn't want to lie to her mom, and she just didn’t know what do or say. Her mom asked the question again. Julia backed away from her mother then says in a low tone. "I was walking to the bathroom last night it was dark and I ran into the wall." Her mom looked at her and kept looking at her like she could tell Julia was lying. The she says "Julia go up to your room and I will bring you some warm milk to put on your face." Julia took a deep breath and says "Yes, Mama."
To Be Continued...

The author's comments:
It just came to me. like it was ment to be written.

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